Seven Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Going

1. See it as an opportunity

The earlier you see it as an experience that will make your relationship stronger, the better off you’ll be.

Make up your mind to use this period, however long it may be, to discipline yourself and prepare for a lifetime of waking up and going to bed with the same person for the rest of your life.

2. Make your own rules

One of the reasons why long distance relationships don’t last is because couples are usually not clear about what they want this period of their life to be like. They just assume that their partner wants the same things that they do, which almost always is not true.

Take time to define everything, the dos and don’ts, what is cheating and what isn’t. This talk will make boundaries clear and allow a partner to know when they are out of line or otherwise.

3. Keep communication creative

Distance shouldn’t make your relationship boring

Switch things up every now and again. Long distance relationships are just like regular relationships, they die when things get boring.

Find ways to change how you guys communicate, what you guys talk about, when you guys talk and even where you talk. This can be quite the challenge when you are miles apart, but if the relationship will survive, it’s worth the try.

4. Tell them everything. And we mean everything!

Keeping things from your significant other does more hurts, long distance or not

There is no such thing as a mundane part of your day when your significant other is not around. Every detail of your day is a precious piece of history to the one who can’t be with you.

Divulge everything about everyone you encounter and remember, honesty is a necessity if a relationship must survive.

5. Give them a keepsake

Because intimacy is major key

A T-shirt that smells like you, your favourite face cap, a bracelet; anything at all will make your significant other seem closer than they are. You can even send keepsakes to them periodically to keep the flame burning.

6. Send pictures, loads and loads of them

A photo has a thousand words? Send endless pictures then

You can’t send too many. You can’t send enough. Seeing new images of your loved one keeps them more alive in your memory. It’s also highly recommended that you send them pictures before you post them on social media.

It makes them feel extra loved, who doesn’t like receiving exclusive content. Be mindful of your baby’s data but be sure to equip them with  new material for their phone wallpaper.

7. Know that it’ll suck

It’s truly tough being away from your loved one for long

It won’t always be easy. In fact, it will rarely be easy. There will be times when you’ll find it hard to reach them, days when you’ll just miss them, a seemingly random item may trigger a memory of them and it will dawn on you just how far they are.

For those days, be armed with tissues and chocolate. Remember that things won’t always be like this and hold on just a little tighter to that keepsake.


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