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Sexual Being Saga: TV Host Speaks After Talk on Kids Wearing “Bum Shorts” Goes Viral

Dapo Adegboye was one of the hosts of the Rave TV show where sexual abuse, parenting and dressing was discussed.

Speaking on the show, he mentioned that he sometimes finds 5-year-olds wearing bum shorts and other “revealing” clothes while their parents watch on.

Co-host Lolo quickly made it clear that a child is allowed to wear whatever a child wants to wear, and it is the responsibility of the adult to not see a child as a sexual being.

Adegboye, on a video shared on his Instagram, has said there was a misinterpretation of intention, and what he was discussing was parenting, and the need for parents to protect their kids from predators.

I hope this is shared…
There was a misinterpretation of intention in that video, I will never support pedophila or sexualize kids… The focus was on parents and parenting and the need to protect our kids from these predators. Thanks you!

Lolo, too, on her Instagram, addressed the video. She discussed educating people and debunking “dangerous narratives.” She wrote:

I know that many have been wondering how I was able to remain calm and pass my message even whilst listening to those upsetting comments from my former co-hosts, but I stayed focused because my goal in life is to educate people. I make sure that every chance I get I debunk dangerous narratives that may harm our children and society; because even though ignorance should no longer be an excuse it is still rampant in our society.

My video has opened up a much-needed conversation and I cannot be more pleased. There are people who continue to hold these beliefs and ideas towards children; people who believe that children should be the one burdened with the responsibility to prevent abuse, not the predators.

But we have sent a loud and strong message to these people. All of us who used our voices and platform to share our anger, disbelief, and irritation at those comments have let people that we won’t tolerate or validate those beliefs anymore. I sympathize and sincerely apologize to girls and women who might have felt triggered by those comments or re-victimized by them but the world is fighting!.. I am fighting and will never stop even when I am the only one in that corner!

But, my spirit won’t be at peace if my fight and zeal to enlighten leads to a society where long-term pain and hurt is inflicted on people who need re-educating and unlearning. I am reaching to everyone and hoping that we can find a little sympathy for my former co-hosts and give them an opportunity to think about the gravity of their words.

We have done it already! We have started this important conversation and I want us to use the opportunity to learn and grow from it. To challenge these preconceived notions that continue to leave our girl children in chains.

Right now, I am really focused on getting back my Youtube channel that was deactivated after @Ravetvchannel flagged snippets of my time on the show on my page as copyright.

Again, thank you all so much for lending your voice and encouraging me to keep fighting! Violence will no longer be the birthright of our girl children!



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