Simi Live In Lagos: I visited, Had My Time Squandered And My Mind Blown


Simi would perform in Lagos again in 2018 and keeping in mind that it would be an exaggeration to state that I was overly excited at the news when I initially heard, I surely still considered going to it from the minute I found out about it.

That was essentially in light of the fact that I like her [I figure the main individual in the entire world who doesn’t care for Simi is my editor] and furthermore on the grounds that I missed her show in 2017, which I truly needed to go to at the time.

PS: I was not so, so hyped about seeing Simi because that sentiment is reserved for events like seeing Asa perform for the first time in Lagos. In 2016 I did, birthing this mad article here, and this one, after seeing her perform for the second time in 2017.

I had seen Simi perform about three or four times before now but never at her own concert, never at an event with her name, brand, presence, and essence stamped and infused all into it. I have never been at an event which she headlined – closest was one Valentine thing she and Adekunle Gold alongside Praiz had at Muri Okunola Park, Lagos. So after her second Lagos concert which began on December 9 2018 and ended less than one hour ago at the time of typing these very words was my chance at redemption.

And, boy, I do feel redeemed!

I feel thrilled. I feel ecstatic. I am buzzing with adrenaline. A good feeling, a positive zing is still coursing through my body, finding escape through my fingertips, into the excitedly-written words you are reading now. Symply [pun very intended here] because I saw Simi do her thing. It was an unbridled delight for me, a night that will remain in my mind for a while.

For all that has been held against the 30-year-old x3M artiste, her music has always spoken for her. It’s been the music that has been louder than the voices of discontent risen against her, particularly for her relative unconventional fashion style – I think I will need some long lecture to actually understand what her last outfit at this concert was about.

Simi knows her art, she is one with it. And although some little rough edges rear in her performances here and there [I speak from experience], she knows her craft, and especially after tonight, one gets the feeling that she is on a relentless journey to being a better musician, constantly tweaking, reformatting, putting in the work and making all the necessary modifications to an already beautiful gift in order to become the quintessential Nigerian musician, a performer beyond peers, a more spell-binding magic to watch.



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