Simple Steps To Looking Natural Even With Your Makeup On

primer-diy-fashionpheevaSome days, you just need your makeup to look natural and not too “done” but going bare-faced is probably not what you had in mind. With the right products and techniques, you can make the most of your natural beauty without wearing a ton of makeup.

The whole point of natural looking makeup is to make it look light and effortless, but it’s actually quite a hard look to perfect and, in trying to make it like you have no makeup on at all, you may well have to use more makeup than you would have thought.

Take care of your skin: With fewer blemishes and dry patches on your skin the less makeup you will need, care for your skin all the time and maintain your regular skin care regime. Remove all makeup every night before bed and cleanse your skin thoroughly, moisturize regularly and exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells.

Know what colours suit you: Before we even get into the application of natural looking makeup always know colours that suit your skin tone. For makeup to look natural, it needs to compliment your skin tone, not clash with it. Test your makeup before you buy it and make sure that the colours don’t stand out too much against your skin.

Don’t overdo your face with foundation: when going for a natural look don’t mack your face with foundation because it makes it too obvious you are wearing makeup. Try using a concealer on places with flaws like red patches, dark areas of skin etc. Use concealer sparingly too, so that it just covers any blemishes, but still looks natural.

Alternative to foundation: If you really feel that you need foundation, try using a tinted moisturizer instead, or you could add a few drops of your foundation to your face moisturizer and get a bit of colour coverage that way. This will still give you coverage and even out your skin tone, but it will look a lot smoother and a lot more natural than a heavy application of foundation would.

Add a touch of colour: To give yourself a healthy glow, apply a small amount blush to your cheeks, use a shade that closely matches your natural glow and apply it sparingly. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks first and then blend it upwards, towards your cheekbones, until there is no noticeable edge to it. The look you are trying to achieve is the same as you would look right after you have been for short run; glowing and healthy.

Skip the eyeliner: Heavy eyeliner and bold eyeshadows are not what you are looking for if you want to achieve the effortless, natural look, so skip both altogether and concentrate and making your lashes look great. If you do want to use eyeliner, concentrate on using it to make your lashes look thicker.

Curl your lashes and use mascara: To open up your eyes and make you look wide awake, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a coat of waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras tend to hold the curl for longer and, of course, they won’t run.

Fill in your eyebrows: Your eyebrows frame your face, so you will need to fill in any sparse patches, if you have them. Avoid using thick eyebrow pencils, because that won’t look natural at all. Try using a tinted brow gel instead; they are much more subtle and much less noticeable. The tint should fill in any sparse patches without it looking too obvious that you have used makeup.

Dab on your lipstick: To make your lipstick look effortlessly fresh, choose a shade that is fairly close to the natural colour of your lips and dab it on with your finger, rather than applying straight from the tube. Start from the centre of your lips and then blend the lipstick out to the edges. That will make it blend in better with the natural colour of your lips.

Use a light dusting of powder to set your makeup: If you have oily skin, then you may need to set your makeup with powder to stop it coming off during the day, so set your makeup with a light dusting of loose powder and that will keep everything in place.


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