Soy Milk: 5 Reasons Why This Healthy Drink Is Ideal For Your Diet

Soy milk produced from soybeans is a natural plant beverage which offers high nutritional value and a good dairy alternative.

It is generally believed that soy milk is healthier than dairy milk. While some people who are lactose intolerant prefer it as a milk substitute, vegans drink it to avoid cow milk, and some health-conscious folks drink it because they believe it is a healthier low-fat option. The creamy drink can also be appealing to kids of all ages.

The high-quality protein and vitamin content of soymilk makes it a beneficial supplement for a plant-based diet. The health benefits of soy which is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals include lowering risk of cholesterol, cancer, and obesity. It is also good for your health and reduces the risk of many postmenopausal problems. These nutrients provide energy and keep your body functioning at its optimum level.

Despite records and levels of allergies accruing to soy foods, they have however been declared safe for most people. Soy milk which is easily available in various varieties such as chocolate and vanilla is easy to make and has a longer shelf life than dairy milk.

Here are healthy reasons why you should include the creamy beverage in your regular diet.

Promotes Weight Loss & Lowers Cholesterol

Unlike cow’s milk, soy milk contains no cholesterol and is naturally low in fat because it is made from plant material instead of an animal by-product.

Regular-fat soy milk contains slightly more fat per cup than 2% milk, but it is naturally free from saturated fat.

The isoflavones in soy milk help lower metabolic obesity in elderly men as well as post-menopausal women. Obese and overweight people can also use it to reduce waist circumference.

Better Heart Health

You can effectively improve your cardiovascular health by including soy milk in your diet.

Soymilk is a source of protein just like cow’s milk. Proteins are made of amino acids which are effectively beneficial in preventing various health disorders.

Unlike most plant-based proteins, soy contains all nine essential amino acids. The amino acid and isoflavones in soy protein also help lower LDL-cholesterol as well as treat and prevent heart diseases.

Soy milk protein is a complete protein and is highly digestible. In our bodies, the amino acids are assembled into new proteins, including antibodies essential for immune system function, structural proteins that hold your tissues together, and enzymes that help your cells produce energy.


The iron in soy milk also helps your red blood vessels function properly, helping ensure that all the tissues throughout your body get the oxygen they need.

Prevents Cancer

Early studies have revealed that soy has protective qualities against cancer as women who take a significant amount of soy daily were less likely to die of breast cancer or experience recurrence than women who consumed less soy.

Another research study has shown that intake of soy milk may reduce serum estrogen levels and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Soy contains isoflavones, which act similarly to the hormone estrogen. There are studies suggesting that soy-based estrogen is a weaker form of estrogen which actually protects women against breast cancer because the weaker isoflavones would take up space on breast cells and crowd out the more powerful cancer-causing estrogen from the body.

However, there are studies which suggest that certain properties in soy mimic estrogen can fuel some breast cancers—and should, therefore, be avoided.

A research study also suggests that men with high consumption of soy milk are at lower risk of prostate cancer.

Alleviates Postmenopausal Syndromes

Every woman’s natural production of estrogen reduces during menopause which can pose a number of health issues.

The phytoestrogen in soy is an effective estrogen replacement for postmenopausal women who have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. They are also more vulnerable to depression, mood swings, insomnia and other psychological disorders.

Acts as Antioxidant

The antioxidant effects of soy isoflavones may be beneficial against certain chronic diseases since it is important to consume adequate amounts of dietary antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and maintain overall health.

The antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties of soy milk help in reducing oxidative stress and damage. A study suggests that it may be beneficial in preventing liver and skin damage caused by oxidative stress.


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