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When You Start Seeing These Signals, Then You Just A ‘Side-Chick’ To Him


It’s the bane of the female existence – does that cute guy that seemed to flirt with me the other day really like me, is he just a really nice guy or worse – is he trying to “chop and clean mouth”, as we’d say in Nigerian parlance?

For starters, guys are typically very literal creatures, so if he outrightly acts uninterested, chances are he really is not interested.

On the other hand, the female of species tend to over-analyse and read meaning into every slight, meaningless gesture.

Ladies, don’t get it twisted.

Incase you’re not sure, and he seems to be sending mixed signals, we sought the opinion of several guys and here are 6 interesting points they shared that prove he’s just not that into you.

 1. He acts non-chalant and he’s insultive: Under normal circumstances, a guy would always treat a girl he likes with the utmost respect, more like she’ll suddenly become the centre of his universe. So if a guy is insultive and acts uninterested, chances are he really is uninterested. Let it go.

2. He doesn’t respect your opinion: Just like we pointed out above, a guy would typically hold a girl he likes in the highest regard, and this also includes valuing her opinion. Chances are he would even seek your opinion on occasion. So, if that guy you’ve got eyes on is dismissive of your opinion, then you may want to take a step back.

3. He’s not caring: This is usually one of the early indicators of a guy’s interest, or lack thereof – he takes a keen interest in your affairs, and your feeding pattern and general well-being suddenly become of great concern to him. Anything else suggests that he’s just not that into you.

4. Your calls and messages go largely unacknowledged:There’s no such thing as “too busy” ladies. If you matter, he’ll find a way to squeeze out time to return your calls and messages. So if he’s not replying your messages and 10 missed calls, he most probably doesn’t want to because you just don’t matter. Truth hurts.

5. He’s highly uninterested in knowing your friends/family:A guy who’s interested in you will also show a level of interest in your friends/family. So if he stoically refuses to meet your friends and generally shys away from getting too close, stay on your lane.

6. Your conversations lack depth: Definitely a deal breaker. If you can never seem to hold an intimate conversation, and he’s secretive or unwilling to share things about himself, or is generally dismissive then perhaps it’s time to seek out someone else.


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