Startup Sokoto Introduces Caliphate Tech Community

Caliphate Tech Community or CTC for short, a platform under  Startup Sokoto, is set for launch.

Caliphate Tech Community is aimed at equipping the people of Sokoto especially youths, with the basic and most advanced knowledge and skills that they need to excel in this modern and contemporary world of 21st Century.

Meanwhile, the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Dr. Isa Pantami, will on June 22, 2019 declare the community open in Sokoto.


“Whether you are a technology innovator or just someone who has keen passion in technology, Caliphate Tech Community has got you covered.

“Startup Sokoto has enjoyed a steady growth since its official launch some five months ago in September 2018”, the Convener of Startup Sokoto, Abubakar Shettima said.

Shettima, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Arewa Popcorn, continued, “We have been able to carry out a number of programs in collaborations with the state government, National Information Development Agency (NITDA) as well as other independent ones all in a bid to build a better society that makes use of extensive technology advancements”.

He described CTC as the preferred community for young tech geeks to network and brainstorm ideas as well as collaborate on existing startup ideas that will change how people perceive technology in our society today.

“CTC plans to help members of this community to achieve their goals by ensuring that it works hand in hand with them and assist them on any technical help that they may require.

“To ensure that this mission lingers as well as maintain its promptness, CTC will mandate a monthly, quarterly or even bi-annual general meeting with all the members of this community to revise and measure the progress and success of the community’s previous sittings, and way forward.

The Vision

“One of our visions here at CTC is to be a preferred all-round tech ecosystem in Sokoto where its members will gather to network, collaborate and brainstorm ideas that will rebuild our society technology wise.

The Mission

“We will always strive hard to ensure that our community members stay on top of current technology trends within and around Sokoto as well as the world at large. We will give each and every member the basic attention that they need to realize their tech/startup dreams”.

The Convener of Startup Sokoto also enumerated some of the key programs they will be focusing on;

“Digital marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing); Content creation (animation and cartoon); Software development (mobile app, web app, enterprise software); Technology Startup; Women in technology; Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.

“Our monthly meet up will have the following structure; we will invite two expert in any area of technology to come and give a talk on them, give resource to meet up attendees;

“Then we will have one technology entrepreneur showcase his solution, this will give the attendees an idea on what they can build with tech skill they have;

Convener of Startup Sokoto, Abubakar Shettima

“We will also have some session how to build technology product for local community.

He concluded by saying that at the end of every meet up, CTC will have a networking session.


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