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How To Stay Comfortable On A Long Flight


Travelling to places like Frankfurt and Sydney from Nigeria takes about 20 hours or more.

It is important that you are comfortable and that your health is managed properly. Here are five tips for comfort on long flights.

1. Stay hydrated:

Bottled water

Request for water and take sips at intervals so that you don’t get dehydrated. While in the air, cabin pressure stimulates an elevation of thousands of feet and this may leave you dehydrated.

2. Travel with a neck pillow:
If you’re going to be in the air for hours on end, then it is likely that you’ll sleep, or fall asleep at some point during the ride. To avoid kinks in your neck, incest in a personal neck pillow.

3. Stretch your legs:

Stretch your legs and raise your calves to keep the blood flowing and avoid camps. You may also make use of compression stockings.

4. Wear comfortable clothes:

Make sure you dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Skinny jeans is not the best thing to be squeezed into for a 20-hour flight.


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