Step By Step Guide On How To Change Car Oil


You should not forget this, we need to have a good maintenance culture, that is in changing the oil of our motor car, try and change oil in your vehicle. Engine oil lubricates the engine, absorbs heat and allows the moving parts of your engine to work properly with one another. When the engine slightly warm to the touch, before you chan oil in your vehicle, shut doshut off the engine.

Try lifting your car. Use either jacks or ramps. On a flat even surface, place the parking brake on and jack your car up, bracing it with jack stands. Improper jack-placement can damage your car badly, so always refer to the owner’s manual for the instructions for your specific car. It’s also extremely dangerous to work under a car that’s still on a jack, so make sure you brace it first.

Let us start the whole process by warming up the car

Warm up your car. To ensure that you drain all the old oil out of your engine block, warm it up by taking your car for a spin. You don’t want the oil to be too hot, just warm enough so it thins out a bit. To tell if your car is warmed up enough, just turn on your heater. When your feet get nice and toasty, you’re ready to drain the oil.

Park the car on a flat surface. Park your car on a flat surface and engage the parking break. If you have those ramps, place them in front of your front wheels and drive up them. It’s always good to have someone out front guiding you so you don’t end up driving off the other end of the ramps. For added safety, put blocks behind both rear tires.

Pop the hood and remove the oil filler cap. Removing the oil filler cap can help the oil drain faster. It allows air to flow into the engine as the oil drains out.

Remove the oil plug. Locate the oil plug underneath your car. It’s pretty easy to find. It’s a fairly large bolt on the oil pan’s bottom. Take an appropriate sized socket or wrench and start unscrewing the nut.

If your drain plug has a removable washer, replace this washer at each oil change. After the engine oil has drained out of the pan re-install the drain plug and snuggly tighten, check for leaks at the end of the oil change.

Next, remove the old oil filter using the filter wrench and be sure to catch any oil that may spill into a container below. Take the new oil filter and rub a thin layer of oil on the new seal to prevent the seal from cracking. Now install the new oil filter tightening the filter by hand with a firm twist at the end.

Now pour the new engine oil in the engine using a funnel. Make sure you know the correct amount of oil required for your vehicle so that you avoid over filling. After you have poured the required amount of engine oil in the engine, start the car and allow the oil to warm up. Shut the car off and check the level on the oil dipstick, double check it just to be safe.

Pour your old engine oil into plastic jugs and turn it into your nearest oil recycle facility.

You are through with the oil changing process

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