Why You Should STOP Using Cotton Buds To Clean Your Ears

cotton buds to clean ears

Cleaning out dirt or wax with cotton buds is actually more harmful than useful. Medical experts say that using these to clean your ears can cause some serious health issues, especially if you use them very often.

Quite a number of people are used to regularly sticking a cotton bud in their ears to clean out the wax but this is quite unhealthy.

cotton buds

Cotton buds hurt you more than it helps. Use natural means instead.

It can lead to some obstruction and inflammation. Doctors also advised that we should not remove earwax by force.

The most effective way to clean your ear out is to first soften it with some oil. Soak a piece of cotton wool in some oil and place it gently in the war without pushing it.

To push the earwax to the outer canal, shake your head just like you do when you are trying to get out water from it. After three minutes, apply a few drops in the ear.

As cotton buds hurt more than they help, avoid using them and try this more natural method instead. Anything from baby oil to olive oil can be used.

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