Struggling With Your Rent??? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Do

If there is something most Nigerians do not know how to do, is adequate planning. The simple belief that a miracle would occur when the time is right has not helped many of them either. Just like everything else in life, paying rent is part of it and shouldn’t come upon anyone like a thief in the night. In order to stop struggling and developing unnecessary hypertension whenever it is time to pay the rent, these are 4 simple things to do…

Downgrade: You know you want a very big place but you also know a big place costs more so the best deal is to downgrade and move into a smaller place. You can go from a two-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom apartment, and with time and more savings you could live in that dream apartment. Life is not a competition so don’t kill yourself trying to impress your friends.


Get a roomate: A lot of people love their privacy but hey, getting a roommate can lift a huge financial burden off your shoulders, making it easier to pay your rent. With a roommate, you can split all and you only have to worry about half.

Choose between shelter or ride: Well, if you think moving to a smaller apartment or getting a roomate doesn’t work for you then you could decide to get rid of your car. Most cities in Nigeria have very comfortable mass transit systems for instance in Lagos there are fully air-condotioned BRTs at very low cost, in Benin there are the comrade buses. Remember, getting rid of your car, helps you to get rid of the car payment, auto insurance, you no longer have to buy fuel and your transportation cost will go down as well, which in turn leaves more for rent.

Do something else: Even if your salary looks like its enough (which isn’t always the case in Nigeria with the ever sky-rocketing prices of food and other items), in order to keep up with the current cost of living. Rather than struggle every month, look for ways to supplement your income. You could get a part-time job or do a small business on the side. Look at your area and think of what service you could offer to the people there in exchange for money.

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