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Stunning Wedding Gowns In Nigeria 2017-2019

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What are the latest wedding gowns in Nigeria 2017-2018? Do you want to be luxurious and beautiful at your wedding ceremony? A wide range of styles and trends is worth seeing. We have prepared for you top 15 ideas for the wedding dress!

A wedding is an important event in the life of every girl. That’s why her look must be appropriate: stylish, feminine, and luxurious. Wedding dresses trends change every season. Bridal gowns 2017-2018, for example, are represented by a wide range of styles, have an original cut and gorgeous design.

It may be straight, ball, lacy, Greek, mermaid or even short. The choice of wedding dresses in Nigeria is wide. The main thing to remember is to find the product of your desired style! Information about popular 2017-2018 styles will help you choose the perfect celebration dress for your marriage.


Latest fashion styles in Nigeria for wedding gowns 2017-2019

1. Lacy masterpiece of wedding dresses

Wedding collections of 2017-2018 are all about lace. Lacy gowns are elegant, sophisticated, and light. If you want to look exquisite and refined, like an English princess, get a lace dress. Otherwise, you can also choose only individual details made from lace such as gloves, bolero, and veil.

This season, fashion houses offer brides sophisticated and feminine models of wedding dresses from guipure, French and vintage lace. Cleverly combining them with modern details, designers achieve amazing results. They create luxurious, and at the same time, “innocent” attires. Lacy wedding gowns 2017-2018 have a lot of silhouettes. The range is from the popular A-line with an elegant waist belt to the beloved “mermaid” silhouette.


2. Color extravagance of bridal gowns

Some wedding dresses 2017-2018 are far beyond traditional. Inspired by blooming flowers, the designers made their collections in pink and red tones. The dresses are of unusual color, draped with tulle and organza, seem weightless and are cloudy in form.


For several seasons, pink is the key color of fashion for brides. In the wedding collections of 2017-2018, we see it again in many tones, from a delicate powder pink to a bright magenta.

Also, this season, gentle blue becomes a good alternative if you don’t like pink, but you want a beautiful wedding dress of an unusual color.

3. Wedding ball dresses

What girl doesn’t dream of a luxurious princess dress? The fact is that a large number of new styles of wedding dresses attires with a tight-fitting corset and a ball skirt are very trendy. In 2017-2018, we can choose the gowns with even more flamboyant skirts. This effect is achieved by creating extra folds in the fabric.


Luxurious wedding dresses 2017-2018 are suitable for tall brides who have a thin waist. The bodice fits tightly around the figure, so you cannot hide the extra centimeters. Girls of short stature should abandon excessively voluminous skirts, as well as a plenty of jewelry on the dress. An integral part of the gorgeous wedding dress is a veil, gloves and a tiara.

4. Greek wedding dresses

Every year, wedding dresses in the Greek style become more popular. Smooth lines, elegance, comfortable cut are chosen by millions of brides around the world. The main requirement for this style is the maxi-length. The gown should reach the heels, falling downwards in soft waves. Heels can go perfectly with this look.

The wedding season 2017-2018 opens the fashion runway for Greek clothes with a high waist in white and cream colours, as well as light tunics of free cut. In such attires, the bride feels comfortable and simple, and the open shoulders in some styles add femininity to the look.


5. Wedding dresses with a train

Bridal train dresses in Nigeria made of satin make the look of the bride festive and gorgeous. This type of attire is appropriate at a wedding ceremony. During the celebration, a long train can be easily unfastened. It can be fastened with buttons or a hidden fastener.


A luxurious train fits well with a fitted dress and flared at the bottom (mermaid style) dress. A strapless dress with a piquant cut along the leg looks spectacular and impresses guests. As are additional accessories such as a veil, a brooch, and gloves which will suit such wedding gown.


6. Short wedding dresses

Not all brides are in love with long wedding dresses. Some girls consider them old-fashioned and uncomfortable. The significant amount of fabric spent on tailoring the dress makes the attire heavy and makes the bride stiff. The choice of a short wedding dress made of silk, lace or stretch satin provides the girl with freedom of movement, as well as emphasizes the advantages of her figure.


A short wedding dress suits brides of medium height who want to look taller. A sleeveless dress that frees the legs is also attractive to confident and active girls. Choosing accessories for a short gown, you should pay special attention to shoes. It must be beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

7. Wedding dresses with 3D effect

How beautiful and unusual would a wedding gown in 2017-2018 look with fluttering butterflies on the skirt or corset?! Dresses decorated with bright flowers made from expensive fabric will amaze any bride. Elements in the 3D style have already been used by designers in previous seasons, but on the wedding dresses, they look incredible. Fancy elements can be used to decorate any part of the wedding dress beginning with a skirt and ending with a corset, shoulder straps or belt. Floral applications and large embroidered flowers are used here too.

8. Wedding gowns with open shoulders

An open shoulder and deflated sleeves is another fashion trend of 2017-2018. Many brides prefer to show a little skin by emphasizing the grace of the shoulders and giving a touch of unconstrained glamour to the deflated shoulder line or deep neckline.


9. Clean & simple trend of bridal dresses

One of the most refreshing wedding trends is “simple” wedding dress made of crepe, taffeta, and silk shantung without overly voluminous structured skirts and any embroidery or lace design. The pearl shine of heavy satin fabrics is one of the absolute “must have” of the new wedding season. Designers use complex details of a dress cut and graceful silhouette architecture.


10. Peplum wedding gowns

In the new collections of latest wedding gowns in Nigeria, designers have structured the silhouettes of bridal dresses using the peplum style. Sometimes it’s used traditionally, while other times it could be longer and looks like an upper skirt or as a top layer in a cascade of soft skirt’s folds and flounces. In any case, the peplum style in 2017-2018 gives more volume to the most fashionable wedding dresses.


11. Suits or trousers instead of wedding dresses

Pants and suits as a bride’s wedding dress remain relevant in 2017-2018. Today, designers offer brides the chance to wear trousers on their most important day with tops, short dresses that are designed with fancy ornaments. Suits (skirt and blouse) are also in trend. This season combination of expensive fabrics can be used. For example, a chiffon top and trousers from guipure can be used to create the wedding pantsuits.

12. Wedding gowns with feathers

Various generations of fashionistas have decorated their attires using feathers. Designers continue to use feathers to adorn various elements of the wedding dresses such as corsets and skirts. Sometimes feathers are used for all parts of the dress from the bottom to the top. A classic wedding dress skillfully decorated with feathers becomes very festive and looks original, stylish and light.


13. Bridal mermaid gowns

This silhouette has not gone out of fashion for several years because women always want to be spectacular and noticeable. Typically, the mermaid wedding dress fits the figure to the middle of the thigh or to the knees, and then a fluffy skirt begins. The style perfectly emphasizes the tempting figures of its wearer.


Wedding gowns of mermaid silhouette make a girl visually slender, adding a few inches of height. If you think your figure is imperfect, you should go for a spectacular dress in the above style. Choosing the right texture of the dress delicately conceals the slightest laws, even though the attire fits to the body.


Every year designers offer different styles in the mermaid silhouette. They add various decorative elements to the style. You can find the dress of your dream in its various versions like an open neckline, straps or a train with rich embroidery.

14. Bridal dresses with a high collar

Perhaps it’s one of the most striking fashion trends in the world of wedding dresses. An outstanding collar was an essential detail of a classic wedding dress of the late 19th and early 20th century. But we have hardly seen it in recent years. Wedding gowns with a high collar are not only an epitome of the classic wedding look, but also quite gorgeous .


15. Wedding dresses with color prints

For several seasons, wedding fashion designers recommend multi-coloured wedding dresses to brides. Dresses in 2017-2018 are no exception and support a multicoloured trend with a touch of romance. Designers advise us not to only stick with monochrome look but you can decorate with various prints. Wedding gowns with colour prints look artistic.


Each bridal dress 2017-2018 is beautiful and unique. It’s a pearl of a Nigerian wedding. It does not matter what style is chosen. The main thing is that it should sit well on the figure of the bride and emphasize only her beauty.


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