Sule Lamido Blames President Buhari On Campaign Promises

Sule Lamido

The former Jigawa State governor and a presidential aspirant under the PDP, Sule Lamido Faults Buhari , says the President has failed to deliver on any of his core campaign promises of fighting against corruption, reviving economy and improving security in the country.
Lamido explained that Nigeria has become more insecure, impoverished and Buhari’s fight against corruption is targeted at political opponents.

Sule Lamido made the remarks Tuesday while in Yola to canvas the support of PDP delegates ahead of the party’s convention.
While faulting the President on his claim of fighting insecurity in the country, Sule Lamido said the incessant killings of innocent Nigerians and destruction of properties is a sign of failure of the APC government.Sule Lamido

Lamido explained that APC has failed to deliver on its campaign promises saying the party has failed to keep to its key agenda on economy, security and corruption as the country has been on a downward descent since APC took over.
Lamido Faults Buhari over the recent kiiling happening in the country

“Nigeria has been reduced to a thriving abattoir where killings are now taking place on a daily basis.
“Nigerians are being killed in their scores, in Adamawa, Taraba, Plateau, Zamfara, Birnin Gwari, Kaduna.
“We have become a divided people, and the current government doesn’t even seem to bother that it’s divisive misrule is tearing us apart;
“This is certainly not the Nigeria of our founding fathers who shuttled to and from London to emancipate us and it is not the Nigeria of our dream when we came up with the PDP,” he said.
The Presidential aspirant explained that his intention to vie for the highest job in land was informed by his desire to change the horrible situation Nigerians have found themselves.
Sule Lamido said, “My desire to serve the people and contribute my quarter is to redeem our bad and ailing economy.

“l am the person Nigerians needs now, I have all it takes to salvaged our country “
Lamido charged the delegates to look way from politicians who are wont to abandoning the party during its trying times saying “they don’t deserve our party’s platform to vie for any political office.
“Our party was vilified, demonized and even some of our senior party members who became governors, senators, vice President and even president under the PDP played to the gallery and ditched our party,” Lamido recounted.

Speaking on the posthumous National Honor conferred on the June 12 election presumed winner, MKO Abiola, Sule Lamido Faults Buhari over his lacks the moral ground to associate himself with the June 12 as he was an accomplice in scuttling the elections.
He counseled eligible voters in the country to consider their ballots as potent tool of effecting changes that will better the lot of the country.
The former governor and former minister of the federal republic added that his vast experience in the Nigeria political environment stands him out as the aspirant to beat.


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