Talking Money: 8 Useful Tips To Get You Through The January ‘Brokeness’

Empty wallet

It’s that time of the year when wallets are generally lean after the excessive spending of the yuletide season.

Yes, the holidays are over and while some smile at the photos and memories from the last few weeks, many others are grappling with an unpleasant reality – a bleeding bank balance.

With January usually comes depleted reserves which of course no one likes because no one likes to be broke. Do you find this to be the case with you? Are you weary at the thought of the long month ahead? This needn’t be the case anymore as we’ve compiled helpful tips to get you through the long days ahead.

  1. Take stock: The holiday expenses have been made already so need to cry over spilt milk. Rather, take stock of what you currently have and work a lean budget around it. Make an account of things you normally spend money on like food and recharge cards and assign a budget limit to them.

  2. Bare necessities: If it’s not food (home-cooked food at that), transport or shelter-related then its not that important, you can live without it for the next couple of weeks. This includes movie dates, outdoor dining,drinks with the guys and other such excesses.

  3. Home-cooked food: Save yourself a good deal of lunch money at work by bringing your food from home. It’s really not that hard if you put your mind to it and if you ever get discouraged, think of all the money you’ll be saving yourself by doing this.

  4. Dieting: If you’re on a weight loss mission then we assure you, there isn’t a better time than now to begin your diet. You’d be surprised at how much money goes on food and treats, so save some of that money and restrict your meal times and choices.

  5. Credit/Data Promos: Credit/data recharges are a necessary evil that have a way of consuming money. Meanwhile most networks usually have some promo or another going on. Why not take the time to call your network customer care service or visit their website and acquaint yourself with their promo offers and take advantage of the most suitable and pocket-friendly option.

  6. Sell it off: Look around your house, are there any items just lying around which could be put to perfectly good use elsewhere – over-sized shoes, that extra kitchen item gotten from a wedding or a stack of old books which you never read? Then why not sell it off to someone who actually needs them. With credible e-commerce sites, finding a buyer shouldn’t be too hard.

  7. Get a side hustle: Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Is there something you’re really good at? Then why not make money out of it? Who knows, you just might get a business out of it!

  8. Cut down on vices: More often than not, vices usually consume money – smoking, drinking, womanising, compulsive buying…the list is endless. So why not start the year on a clean slate by getting rid of the vices AND saving yourself some money at once.

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