Some Tears Moving Photos From The Funeral Of Lady Murdered By Her Cameroonian Cleaner

Dayo Enioluwa Adeleke, who was murdered by her Cameroonian house-help, was yesterday, Thursday, December 29, laid to rest at The Vaults and Gardens after a service of songs and funeral service at Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi Lagos.

A friend of the deceased posted some photos of the burial programme along with a touching tribute writing;

“As I woke up and came out of my room this morning, thoughts of Dayo continue to flood my mind, just has it has continually since I got to hear of her passing.
Shortly after, my brother Olawale Adeniyi who is on holiday also came out of his room. As we spoke about this tragic loss, we asked that God should comfort the family.
I said to my brother that I saw a beautiful photo of her online and I would love to have that photo. I said to him that it would be nice for her family to remember her as she was in that picture.
She looked truly happy. I said to my brother that I bet she is laughing like that in heaven and looking at us all gloomy eyed and sad, saying if only we know how much more of a better place she is now. I just love that picture.
Soon after I arrived in church, sat down and schemed through the programme, I noticed that it was that very picture that was at the back of the programme. I felt so much peace, for the first time since her passing, I felt so much peace and it was captioned perfectly ” I HAVE COMPLETED MY RACE”. My mind got to work again. I thought of Dayo and how similar our lives are/were. She lived life to the max and had fun whilst she was at it. Reading through her tributes, I see she did her own thing and ran her OWN race.

She passed on at the age of 33 just like Jesus. He also ran HIS race. He completed His race in that time.
This race of life is NOT about the duration as much as we would love to all live till we are really old. It’s not for the fastest, swiftest, richest, smartest etc.
We all have our own UNIQUE race to run and how we complete that race irrespective of time is how successful we truly are. I am at peace and comforted knowing Dayo, you rest continually with the Lord.
When I walked from the church shortly after 7pm after the Candle Light vigil yesterday, I turned back as I became fearful and paranoid. I had to ask my husband to come and pick me up. I am not one who is usually fearful.
This is exactly what the enemy wants, for us to doubt the love of God, to question the Unquestionable and to rob us of our peace. TBC. Continue to rest in peace.”

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