Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Igbo Jollof Rice

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Of the three major tribes in Nigeria today, Igbos are the only ethnic group that cannot host an event or ceremony without preparing and serving Jollof rice.

10 things you don’t know about Igbo Jollof Rice

The Hausas may serve only Tuwo and soup for guests to eat during events and everyone will be satisfied.

The Yorubas may serve Amala and ewedu or white rice and fresh pepper stew garnished with all kinds of meat and cow skin to guests at ceremonies and everyone will be satisfied.

But if the Igbo man does not eat his Jollof rice at any ceremony, he will feel that there is something he is missing no matter the cuisine he must have enjoyed during the course of the event.

That said, I want you to note that Jollof rice has been, is and will always be a major delicacy at every events Igbos organize ranging from wedding ceremony, burial, naming, coronation and other activities that means, food is served.

The love we have for the cuisine cuts across all age groups, from youths, to people of the older generation

Here are ten (10) things, you didn’t know about Igbo Jollof Rice;

1. The rice cuisine that was first called Jollof rice by the Igbos is originally from the Wolof tribe of the Gambia and Senegal. The Igbos fell in love with the cuisine during one of their numerous journeys to other parts of the world.

2. Jollof rice, as prepared by Igbos in the past, is originally a recipe of dried fish. But now, its normal to find cuisine garnished with beef and chicken.

3. Many of us don’t know that palm oil and Nchanwu (scent) leaves are also part of the ingredients used for part of the recipe.

4. Today, the major ingredients for the meal are the tomato sauce. It gives redness to it.

5. The Igbos typically ate Jollof rice at night.

6. The rice at the bottom of the pot is more delicious compared to the top.

8. Homemade Jollof is not as delicious as the party-made Igbo Jollof rice because it is over spiced with lots of condiments.

9. Igbos enjoy the cuisine better when served hot…steaming hot.

10. Take note, Nothing can rival Jollof rice cooked by an Igbo woman during an occasions.


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