The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

There are many different kinds of beaches around the world and you can find white-sandy beaches, golden beaches and even black beaches that attract tourists from all over the world not only for their natural beauty but also because of the wide range of activities you can do in the clear waters. Let’s have a look at the top ten most beautiful beaches of the world.

10.  Horseshoe Bay:

This beautiful beach is located in the Bermuda area and has gained its reputation thanks to its natural beauty. If you get lost on the way to Horseshoe Bay you won’t regret it because there are so many things to see. If you enjoy climbing, then you can’t miss the “rock”, which is perfect for those who love breathe-taking views and outdoor activities. The beautiful beaches are not generally full of people so you will be able to relax. If you go to the far end, you will find hills that are perfect for climbing and also secluded beaches that give you the chance to go snorkeling.

9.  Boracay Beach:

This Filipino beach is world known for its white sandy beaches, that resemble icing sugar for its texture and colour. It is a pleasure to walk in the sand because it helps you relax in a different way. It is the perfect tourist destination for those who need to get away from their daily stresses and routine. If you have the chance to go to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you won’t regret it.

8.  Valalta Beach:

This Croatian paradise has five kilometers of beaches, bays and lots of artificial terraces with palm trees that give tourists the chance to enjoy the sun and crystal clear waters. If you go to the Istria area you will find the largest artificial beach that has been granted the Blue Flag.

7.  Oahu Beach:

This Hawaiian island is the most popular amongst tourists from all over the world. Oahu offers over 130 beautiful beaches of all kinds that will appeal to those who love white-sandy beaches and bays. The majority of tourists go to Waikiki because it is more famous but there are lots of other more private beaches in the area.

6.  Nungwi Beach:

This casual beach in the city of Zanzibar is the perfect vacation spot to take tourists away from their daily lives and let them enjoy some unforgettable moments in the one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Nungwi beach is the ideal place to let your worries away mainly thanks to its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters full of sailing boats. The natural views bring together the familiar atmosphere typical of the town. There are bungalows and hammocks, which combined with the soothing sound of the water and the gentle breeze, make the beach a heavenly paradise.

5. Clifton Beach:


Tourists can find four different beautiful beaches in Clifton and they are all set apart by large granite stones. The great extension of clean beach shows the real African sunlight that tans the bodies of sun-hungry tourists. These beaches are second to none. This is, without doubt, one of the places to visit before you die.

4.  Las Islas Cies:

This Spanish paradise is not very well-known amongst tourists but it is one of the best holiday spots because of the amazing landscapes, transparent waters, oaty sandy beaches and the serene lake. There is also a Nature Reserve, which is perfect for lovers of nature.

3.  Fernando de Noronha:

This Brazilian island, which got its name thanks to a Portuguese nobleman who might have set foot on the island more than six centuries ago, is located near Shangri-La. Brazilian people seem to enjoy the fact that tourists love that breath-taking paradise.

2.  Maroma Beach:

When you go to this Mexican beach you will feel as if you were at home because of the warmth of the locals and the beauty of the place. No matter if you decide to relish a full body massage by the ocean or if you prefer to have dinner at the beach, Maroma Beach will surely let your imagination fly and let you experience the best time of your life.

1. Pink Sands Beach:

It would be a pity if you didn’t go to the Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas because this one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will surely love it because you will have the chance to enjoy long walks by the ocean at night and the best secluded beaches during the day.

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