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Top 10 Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

Marcia Cross

Celebrities don’t always marry fellow celebs. Many famous people, for whatever personal reason they have, prefer to be married to a spouse who isn’t generally in the limelight. Of course sometimes celebrities weren’t celebrities when they choose their other halves, in which case they wouldn’t have had to think through this possibility in the first place. The most heart-warming stories though are of couples that simply fell in love, without taking anything except their feelings into account. When their marriages last, it is indeed an inspiration. And sometimes they do!

Matt Damon

Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

Matt Damon and the former Luciana Barraso

Married to Luciana Barraso, a former barmaid, since 2005, hugely bankable American actor Matt Damon has been quoted as saying he was “lucky” to fall in love with “a civilian”. His reasoning was that because of his wife’s supposed insignificance in the world of paparrazis, the attention focused on him didn’t double when he got married… it simply stayed static. Damon met his wife while shooting a movie in Miami, Stuck on You in 2003, when he popped into the bar where Barroso worked. The rest is history.

Patrick Dempsey

Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

Popular American actor and racing car driver, Patrick Dempsey is married to a hairdresser, Jillian Fink who didn’t believe he was the “real” Patrick Dempsey when he booked a session at her salon in 1994. Five years later, Dempsey had divorced his first wife Rocky Parker and the couple got married. While Fink might have been an “ordinary” person then, she has become a world-famous makeup artist – but she does still attend to her husband’s hair at her salon.

Marcia Cross

Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney at their wedding

Everyone loves a good love story, and the Marcia Cross – Tom Mahoney tale is one of these. Now aged 53, Cross is a soap and comedy-drama actress (and star of Desperate Housewives) who, until nine years ago had never married. Having made her own personal fortune reputed to be around $45 million, the story goes that she spotted Mahoney outside a flower shop in LA and left her phone number with the shopkeeper, asking him to call her. Mahoney did just this, and now they are happily married, raising twins.

Billie Joe

Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

Billie Joe  and Adrienne Armstrong

Punk rock star, American Billie Joe Armstrong spotted his wife to be in the crowd at one of his concerts. What he didn’t know at the time was that Adrienne Nesser – now his wife and mother of his two sons – has been besotted with him for years. The fact that he spotted her and asked for her to come backstage is one of those magic moments millions of women dream of. For Adi it was reality. The couple got married in 1994 and it seems have been inseparable ever since.

Jerry Seinfeld

Celebrities That Married Ordinary People

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld

American comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld got married relatively late in life (in 1999 at the age of 45), but he’s had only one wife, the current Mrs Jessica Seinfeld. Formerly a PR executive for the leading clothing company, Tommy Hilfiger, Jessica Sklar met Seinfeld at the gym while they were both sweating it out. She had already agreed to marry Robert, the son of New York theater tycoon, Eric Nederlander, but that only lasted four months. A year later the go-getting PR married Seinfeld, and the couple now have three kids and, by all accounts are happily married.

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