The Best Things You Need To Know About Living In Nigeria

I could write an entire 50 pages journal on the good things about Nigeria, here are few points

  1. Since I was born, I have never experienced any form of natural disaster such as earth quake, tornado and hurricane in Nigeria.
  2. Living in Nigeria has taught me never to give up and be smart. You can’t be a Nigerian and not be smart. It’s survival of the smartest!
  3. Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries in the world with human capital and natural resources in over flowing abundance. We have coal in abundant quantity, we have bitumen in abundant quantity, we have iron ore in abundant quantity. We have crude oil, the country’s majore foreign exchange earner, in abundant quantity,we have natural gas in abundant quantity, we have kaolin which is used for pharmaceutical products, in abundant quantity, we have copper, we have gold, we have uranium, we have lead and so many others that I can’t list here.
  4. It is easy to make money in Nigeria if you are well informed and connected. There is a reason she is called “developing country”, which means she holds so much potential for development and expansion and thus, more than enough room to make money.
  5. Nigeria has vast expanse of arable lands cutting across the length and breath of the country for rich agricultural produce.

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