The Highest Paid Military Arm In Nigeria

Most Nigerians want to know about the salary scale of the military. They wish to know which among them the highest take home package. The nigerian military is composed of the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian air force. Their salary may not be as high as that earned by the gladiators in Nigerian politics. In as much as the elites in politics in Nigeria are earning high, the men of the Nigerian military are not doing badly. The benefits therein in being in the military are mouthwatering. In this article, we shall bring to lime light the arm of the Nigerian military that earns the highest salary.

The arm of the Nigerian military with highest pay is the Nigerian Air force. They are followed by the Nigerian navy while the Nigerian Army are the lowest earners.

The least ranked Army man earns about N54,000 monthly, the least ranked Navy force man earns N80,000 monthly while that of the Air force earns about N300,000 monthly.

There are regular opportunities for young Nigerians to get employed in any of these forces. They advertise yearly for ambitious young school leavers to join. You can choose to join as a recruit or as a graduate force man.
There are many benefits for one to join the Nigerian military.

– It is a pensionable job. You will earn till old age. Information gathered has it that the pension and gratuity of the retires military men are usually paid on time.

– As a military, you are opportuned to go through martial arts training and you will be physically fit.

– You will have the opportunity to travel to different countries for fresher courses and for peace keeping tours.

– As a military man or woman, you will be given respect by all and sundry. Civilians will give you maximum respect

– You have a stable income and job security.


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