The Mysterious Things About The Ado Awaye Suspended Lake In Oyo

Ado Awaye Lake Oyo

Ado Awaye suspended lake/ hanging lake lies about 20km West of Iseyin, Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State. The suspended lake is housed on one of the crests of rocks commonly referred to in surveyor’s language as the “sleeping lion”.Similarly, the 350 steps leading to the top of the hill housing the suspended/ hanging lake takes about an hour to climb. The route to the lake contains many shrines and notable historical spots that make a tourist delight.

While the rocky outcrop can be climbed to gain full view of the whole range of hills laying towards the Benin Republic boarder.People who have succeeded in climbing to a point called by the inhabitants “Esekan Iku” meaning “the verge of death” writes their names with pieces of stone on the rock.The inhabitants lived on the hill and the lake remains a source of water to them. The most wonderful thing about this lake is that, it never dries and it retains the same volume of water even during rainy season.

Evidence of past civilization is many in this nature’s gift, there are broken crucibles of earthen pots and other archeological remains. The geographical axiom of the “higher you go, the cooler it becomes” is manifested on the lake. The beauty of the hill is seen in the thick vegetation which remains evergreen all through the year.The suspended lake is a large slopping rocky plain, which can be developed into picnic/camping site. On top of the hill, one gets a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the area.

The Ado Awaye suspended lake is a special and lovely place that attracts lots of tourists from all over the world and majority of them wish to take the lake away; if possible.Visit Ado Awaye town to see this wonderful lake and you will be glad you did. It will equally make your day a fulfilled one. 

Ado Awaye Lake Oyo1

While the Ado people lived on the mountain, they worshiped the mountain and revered the various unique natural formations they found on the mountain. It was said that barren women among the people at the time were able to give birth due to their devotion to the worship of the mountain. The tranquil Iyake Lake is one of the most revered attractions on the mountain. 

The ancestors of the Ado people believe that the lake is so powerful that whatever prayer is made with its water will yield supernatural results. It is also said that there are sixteen (16) gods on the Oke-Ado Mountain. These gods are embodied in specific natural landmarks on the mountain. Each of these landmarks constitute tourist attractions on the mountain, lined up along the path which leads up the mountain.


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