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This is Mansa Musa, The Richest King in African History

The richest king that ever lived in Africa is King Mansa Musa Keita I of the Mali empire. Scholars spent many years trying to give an approximate number of how much this man owned. However, they failed, as there is basically no way to estimate it. He is considered the richest king in the history by many scholars, and here is what you might want to know about him: He lived in the fourteenth century and ruled the Mali Empire.

He made his fortune thanks to abundant natural resources available in the state. Unlike the rest of the world which suffered from famine at the time, this man, as well as other African monarchs, helped their people to get through this epoch with almost no damage or trying circumstances. He ruled over a vast territory which included several modern countries like Nigeria, Mali, Gambia, Senegal, etc.

He is mostly remembered (apart from what kind of a king he used to be) for one of his trips to Mecca. He was so generous with his possessions on his way (which is one of the pillars of Islam) that he caused a real financial crisis in Egypt. The state could not get back to its former situation for years. They also say that when on his way, he had so many soldiers and slaves with him, that some of them walked in a long distance from him. This man is also known for the development of the Timbuktu city. He made it an accessible education center with many schools and other higher educational establishments.

He was a king for a quarter of a century until his death. He is believed to be the richest man from Africa ever with hardly any chances that someone can beat his record.


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