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The Risks And Challenges Of Fish Farming

Poor Farm Site:

A poor fish farm location can impact negatively on the farm’s full potential for growth. Due to it’s difficult inaccessibility to a city area, sales may slow down drastically for the farm owner.

Poor Pond Planning And Design:

A poorly planned fish farm can lead to leakages, disorganisation, and several other factors that eventually pile up unwanted expenses.

Poor Market Survey:

Without doing a proper feasibility study of the fish farming business by estimating the size of your potential market, cost of farm products, and a lot more, you could be headed for failure, or a major loss from the onset.

Little To No Experience:

An ardent lack of experience can lead you to waste your entire investment on your fish farm.

Competition From Fisher Men:

With lower costs of fishes being sold by fisher men, the revenues your fish farm generates could be negatively impacted.


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