The Senate won’t have rest of mind Until Saraki Resigns – Katsina Senator

Abu Ibrahim, the senator representing katsina south, says the higher law chamber will know no peace till Senate President Bukola Saraki resigns.

This he aforesaid while speaking with journalists in Abuja yesterday.

Ibrahim said the normal practice around the world is that the most party that produces the leadership in parliament.

The senator said by leaving the All Progressives Congress (APC), the Senate president has chosen a path of “political survival”.

“I assume it’s commendable that he has left the party. He has chosen the path of survival as a result of it’s the difficulty of political survival not anything for Nigeria,” he said.

“But next is for him to resign as Senate president, as a result of by all conventions all over the planet, the majority party produces the leadership; Senate president, the majority leader and others.

“Again, let him be gentleman enough and resign as Senate president. If he doesn’t, we will never have peace in this Senate as a result of it’s completely clear that APC has the majority to produce the leadership.

“I hear the PDP claiming the majority, however, it’s crystal clear that APC has the majority. we are going to have a lot of members. {we can|we’ll|we are going to} conduct two bye-elections and that we will have the two members.


“We even have some alliance with APGA. it’s clear that APC has the majority. APC with majority ought to turn out the leadership within the Senate. forty-nine cannot produce the leadership. Saraki ought to resign as Senate president.”

The senator said there was no attempt to break into the chamber as alleged by the PDP.

“How does one break into the chamber? If we like we are able to reconvene lawfully as a result of its legal for us to meet. we do not need to break into the chamber after we have the number. I’ll never subscribe to that we can reconvene. the rules are there that if we area unit up to thirty we can reconvene,” he said.

“Why should we break into the chamber after we will reconvene legally and do what we want to do. it’s legal. I don’t see why anybody should ponder that we can break into the chamber.

“I don’t know {about|realize|understand|comprehend|fathom} it and even if I know about it, I’ll say it’s unwise. However, if the leadership doesn’t provoke peace, it’ll not get peace. Peace is a function of leadership. I even have been within the Senate for about four times. I cannot enable anybody to manipulate me. I cannot take it.”

The senator alleged that had undermined the central in the last two years.

“There are some losses that will give you a sleepless night. Their area unit others that will not give you a sleepless night. we’ve got made our calculation and I am confident that we will not lose. For the past two years, Saraki has undermined the govt.,” he said.

“He has allowed airheaded motions to attack the President and the government. His continued keep as Senate president did not augur well for the APC government. For someone to be in the same party, same government and he failed to see anything good in the president was disturbing.”

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