The Transgenders of Nigeria

Some people choose to port from one GSM network to another but some others decide to take their porting to another level: they port to another gender entirely. Today, Abiyamo is talking about the transgenders of our nation. Nigeria is the world’s most populous black nation and one of the most conservative on earth. It has draconian laws against anything that relates to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenders (LGBT). Simply put, transgender is the state of one’s gender identity or gender expression not matching one’s assigned sex. There is no legal protection for Nigerians in this category and the law in the northern half of the country prescribes stoning to death while the nation’s secular laws prescribes 14 years in jail for same-sex sexual activity although no one has been punished under these lawss. This article is going to focus on those Nigerians who have defied all odds to come out as transgenders. Their stories are intriguing and although many will find them really weird, the fact is that they are in existence. Okay, let’s go!

The Transgenders of Nigeria 13

The flag of transgenders.

  1. DAPO ADARALEGBE (now Stephanie Rose)

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Born a boy, Dapo Adarelegbe is often described as the very first transgender in modern Nigeria and he now lives in the Netherlands where he goes by the name, Stephanie Rose. A former law student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, he was expelled in 2001 over issues relating to his sexual orientation.

Popularly called Dapo Sexy back in his days in OAU, he was reported to have initially moved to Spain before shifting to the Netherlands. He also reportedly did a breast enhancement surgery.

In an interview, Adarelegbe narrated his story, he said:

“I was studying Law at the Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU), Ife. I am of the 1995 set, but I had to leave school in 2001 because of pressures. People were too harsh on me; they did not understand me at all. When I was in school, the school authorities got to know that I slept with my fellow male students. There was also an incident when I had to be admitted in the hospital. I was bleeding from the anus and I had bad pile arising from sexual intercourse.

The Transgenders of Nigeria

“When the school got to know the kind of person I was, they sent me to meet a Guidance Counselor, Professor Roger Makanjuola, who was the Vice Chancellor, who took care of me. You know he is a re-nowned psychiatrist. He handled all issues relating to psychiatry with me.

He said I was okay and that nothing was wrong with my preferences, sexual-wise. He said it was just because I lived in an environment that did not tolerate that kind of behavior. He recommended that I should meet another Guidance Counselor but I did not follow up. Even at that, there seems to be very little assistance one can get medically in Nigeria.

“After a time, I tried going back to school but they told me I have stayed too long away from the system. I applied to change over to University of Lagos (UNILAG) and OAU authorities promised to assist with my transcripts, but they did not send it early, that was how I lost the chance of changing to UNILAG. I eventu-ally dropped out of school.”

“I know this will shock you but I started having sex at the age of six. I had this cousin of mine who used to bring his friend to our house. He was the first to make love to me.

“Since I was small, I realized that I had this feeling that I was a woman. I used to paint myself up and wear girls’ clothes. Nobody stopped or cautioned me. My mother later died when I was 11 years old. My father has other wives and no one particularly bothered about me. I am the last child of my mother, she had four of us”

“I started having sex at the age of six, but no one in my family noticed the problem until I was 14 years old. My father is a Professor of Education. My mother was also a Professor in the same discipline. When my dad got to know, I think he was among the people who made Professor Makanjuola to examine me.

“The truth is that I had gone too far, and I don’t want to talk about my family in this issue. I have slept with a lot of people but my problem is that they were not faithful to me. They were not committed; we just have sex and they go away. I wish to have a committed partner that is why I have been trying to get a real lover, one that will care about me. In the alternative, I will like to relocate abroad where my kind exist.

In the University, I had several lovers but they were not serious. I have several men that I sleep with, I won’t mention their names. They cut across the low and highly placed, just let’s leave it at that. What I want is a committed partner. If I had a choice between getting cured and going for a surgery that will change my sex to a woman, I will prefer becoming a full woman.

“I am already a trans-sexual, the difference between me and other homosexuals are that while they just have the preference for sleeping with fellow men, I feel that I am a woman; I feel that someone should be making love to me the way men do to women. Since I started having sex, I am usually the female, the dormant partner. But do you know that right now, I need two things; a lover that is committed to me or help me to relocate out of this country.”

A few months after the interview, he was out of the country. On God, Adaralegbe said:

“I HATE GOD, FUCK HIM ….Such wicked and useless God can go fuck himself and eat shit.


That is not a good God but a very foolish and useless skydaddy! A God that destroys people’s lives and destroys their bright hopes in life is a very wicked Maggot!

A God that instigates violence, instigates humiliation, instigates rejection, instigates bloodshed and instigates the killing of people is a pervert and a very devilish idiot!

People do not understand the kind of God they claim they love. Jesus Christ is NOT a valid representation of this wicked occultist God. That is why prayers remain unanswered, that is why people die prematurely because such useless God is too wicked to care about lives, rather such hopeless God is concerned about the destruction of lives as he did to Sodom. I see God worshippers as shit worshippers!

For the Children of Sodom and Gomorrah would have done much better and prospered more exceedingly if the ” foolish God ” had given them the same fair opportunity in life.

A daft and senseless God that prevented their progress in life and instigated their destruction is the epitome of all evil and wickedness. Jesus Christ is not a valid example of such occultist God of this World. All religions are true! No body goes to Heaven because no body goes to Hell fire.

He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, killed the progress of Sodom and killed the bright prospects of Gomorrah … instigating violence, instigating rejection, instigating humiliation, instigating hostilities, instigating bloodshed and the killing of gays and transgender people even till today!

All hate crimes and violence suffered by gay, lesbian and transgender people are instigated by this fucked up moron God even till today.

JESUS CHRIST IS NOT A VALID REPRESENTATION OF THIS RUBBISH GOD. Jesus Christ remains an untrue story and myth.


Jesus Christ is not a reflection of such hopeless wicked Abrahamic God of all religions!

ALL RELIGIONS ARE TRUE, Jesus Christ is an untrue story and not a valid representation of the indifferent and wicked God of this World.

Where is the true reflection of Jesus Christ in a World marked with people dying prematurely, all avoidable World tragedies, all preventable natural disasters, all inconsistencies of nature ( done by nature ), etc … it is all deception, Jesus Christ does not exist in reality and can not be found in such hopeless and foolish occultist God of this World.

NO BODY GOES TO HEAVEN BECAUSE NO BODY GOES TO HELL FIRE …. All religions are true and remain valid, no religion will negate the other till the end of time.

We are animals, we exist like animals and one day we will all die like animals.

God is beginning of all foolishness and evil!”

Okay, next!

  1. OCHE CLIFFORD (now Ms Sahara)

The Transgenders of Nigeria 14 Ms SaharaThe Transgenders of Nigeria 15 Ms SaharaThe Transgenders of Nigeria 16 Ms Sahara

Ms Sahara and Stephanie Rose are more or less rivals for the top Nigerian transgender spot. She said she is happier now with her new looks and regularly vents her outbursts against God. Ms Sahara is a model and singer. Aged 28 years, Ms Sahara resided in Abuja as a female for years before leaving for the United Kingdom about seven years ago where she now fully enjoys her life as a woman. Ms Sahara is now a beauty queen and has taken part in various beauty events. In 2011, Ms Sahara emerged the 1st Runner Up at the Miss International Queen Pageant for transgenders across the globe.

The Transgenders of Nigeria 18 Ms SaharaThe Transgenders of Nigeria 21 Ms SaharaThe Transgenders of Nigeria 23 Ms SaharaThe Transgenders of Nigeria 25 Ms Sahara

  1. OKWUDILI (now Candy La Mandy)

Candy La Mandy now lives and works in Toronto, Canada as a woman. After leaving Nigeria for Canada, Candy La Mandy reportedly had surgery to become a woman. The former Mr. Okwudili works as a registered nurse at Sick Kids Hospital. See photos below:

The Transgenders of Nigeria 26 Candy La MandyThe Transgenders of Nigeria 28 Candy La MandyThe Transgenders of Nigeria 29 Candy La MandyThe Transgenders of Nigeria 30 Candy La Mandy


The Transgenders of Nigeria 31 Rizi Xavier Timane

He works as a Christian minister. Born a female in Lagos, he founded the Rizi Timane Ministries and he has almost 20,000 followers on Twitter (@RiziXTimane). Now residing in the USA, he said of himself:

was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and I was assigned the female gender at birth. Both of these facts amounted to one thing: I had no power, no respect, and no privilege, nor would I have much of any of these throughout my life. Add in that I came from a less than wealthy family and was, for all intents and purposes, a lesbian, and I became a truly invisible human being; when I wasn’t being ridiculed or abused, I basically did not exist.

I am not writing about transgenderism in Nigeria today, this piece simply focuses on the transgenders of Nigeria but for those who may want to know about transgenderism in the various Nigerian cultures, you can check out Transgender History and Geography: Crossdressing in Context, Volume 3 by G.G Bolich. It specifically discusses this phenomenon amongst the Jukuns, Yorubas and Ibibios of Nigeria and also touches on other tribes in Africa and other parts of the globe.



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