The Truth About ‘Huge Debts’ Oshiomhole Left For Me – Obaseki

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki

The Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has denied reports that he said huge debts left behind by the immediate-past administration of Adams Oshiomhole was hindering the work of his administration.

Obaseki said that the reports were false and fabricated, as none of the media houses that reported the story over the weekend could provide any proof, either by voice recording or signed statement, to show that he made the comment.

According to him, those behind the story were only out to deceive Edo people and achieve a predetermined end.

He said, “The report is the figment of the imagination of the individuals who published it. The publication goes a long way to show how much the noble journalism profession has been invaded by people who do not have any training what so ever to do the job.

“The Edo State Government under the leadership of Obaseki is not hindered by debt obligations. All our projects are being undertaken as planned and the terms of our facilities from the World Bank and the Federal Government are liberal with repayment period of over 20 years.

“As chairman of the Economic Team, under former governor Adams Oshiomhole, Obaseki negotiated most of these concessionary loans from International Development Agencies (IDAs).

“Thankfully, we have roads and other infrastructure to show for these facilities across the state today.

“The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that ruled the state for close to a decade ran the state aground as Edo infrastructural facilities were in a state of decay as at the time Oshiomhole-led interventionist administration took over power.

“Edo roads were called ‘Lucky Stones’, a metaphor for the shoddy road patchwork done by the then PDP administration, using oversize stones. Some roads were ‘constructed’ on paper, but were not constructed in real life.”


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