The Truth About My Dubai Connection and Love Affair With Apostle Suleman By Daniella Okeke

There has been many rumor trailing popular Nollywood “actress”, Daniella Okeke over her affair with popular pastor, Apostle Suleman and also her promiscuous lifestyle that sees her traveling to Dubai and living a jet set lifestyle even with no explainable source of income, she offers explanation to all questions above in an interview with popular blogger, Stella Dimokorkus

Hello Daniella,where have you been and what have you been up to movie wise?
Hi Stella, I have been busy working and doing of movie Production, I just rounded up four of my movies Productions and hopefully by Gods grace they will coming out soon, i have also being working on my Foundation The Daniella Okeke Foundation to reach out more and help Women and children who really need help in there education and health ..

I read on your instagram handle that you will soon address all the rumours trailing you and decided to contact you to see if you will talk to me….Are you willing to grant me an interview clearing the air? 
Yes I said so and it’s nice that you contacted me and its a nice opportunity to talk with you to address some disturbing and disgusting rumours trailing me ….I Am will grant you this interview first and exclusive, because a lot times people who come to social media to call me names and insult me clam they got there information from your blog and others, So it feels right to talk with you first to clear the air so that your amazing readers can read and know my side of the story and hopefully stop trailing me.

Before we proceed i would like to ask you a very important question about a story i did years back in the ‘Rumour has it’ section…
It is whispered that you frequent Dubai to engage in a act known as Coprophilia….where shit is eaten for s#xual pleasure….Can you tell us about this..I have heard in the past that you are very upset with me and claim the story is not true,can we clarify this for the records?

Thanks Stella for obliging me..but I really wish you did this before going out with the story..but all the same it’s never too late to set the records straight..Coprophillia is an act I had never heard of in my entire life until I read the story just like everyone else..I have never been involved or related with anyone who indulges in it.neither has anyone approached me with such offer..hearing me linked to it was both vague, disgusting and Vaporous.
Asides my movie productions jobs ,I run an a thriving business which sees me regularly getting wholesale products from known brands around the world..that’s all that takes me abroad and nothing else..As we journey through life,the God factor should guide and guard our insinuations….so it’s nonexistent and a total fallacy.

Talking about setting the records straight….I have one or two questions to ask cos i am sure those reading this really want to know.
OK we have cleared the one you going to Dubai to eat shit,you say it is not true and I sincerely apologise to you…I am a trained Journalist and despite beating my chest to say my stores are 99.9percent accurate,i cannot overlook the fact that sometimes mistakes can happen…I sincerely apologise and hope this tag of shit eater on you will be dropped.
To my next question..Why do people say you are a runs babe?

I believe It is ignorance Stella, I just don’t know, Maybe it is because of my body type, I know I am very sexy woman, and any dumb person would just feel or say that out of ignorance..And also probably because I do not show off the different business I run, they assume that any young lady living a comfortable lifestyle is into runs….
They way Nigeria is no one believe a woman can be hard working,if she is successful,it is attributed to a man.

Do you want to tell us why you have been tagged as dating a man of God?what is your side of the story?

The man of God in question is a father to me but we live in a world where people judge you with their own standard..They said he bought me a Benz Jeep,I don’t own any and i have never owned any.. I read he bought me the car and a house in his name..That’s an insult!!

Am I a kid or teenager that a man buys me a ride and a house in his name? Its very Laughable cos All my properties are in my name..
My lawyer contacted the licensing office where they claimed they got the info from and those ones said nobody contacted them..

Asides being a showbiz person,I have a relationship with God.

I kept quiet because my lawyer found out it was more than just a stupid rumour or Scandal, it became a political and religious fight against my father..I am answering now Stella because you are asking it directly which no one has done and I also want to address this senseless rumours.
Countless male actors have been helped by this same man and even though they all kept quiet when the saga was on does that mean anything is going on with them ? Or its becos I am woman and a good target for their plan and lies?

I also heard talks about a 3some and all ,I had never met the ‘Stephenie Otobo’ girl in question in my life, I never knew who she was and the 1st time I saw her and heard her name was on the social media when she started her drama.
it never happened and I reject such lifestyle..
Anybody that says contrary is free to assume..

Did the ensuing brouhaha affect your relationship with the man of God?
There is no ‘relationship’ if what i think you mean is what you actually mean..will you stop talking to your father because people are insinuating and assuming?’s senseless,he is still my father and will always be no matter the insinuations or assumption..

You use a lot of strong swear words on your social media handle,why is this so?The other day you said useless Bloggers…why are you so angry?
Bloggers should do healthy blogging..when you call out a person and make disparaging comments,it can puncture emotions and ruin the sensibilities of right thinking’s hurtful..

In times like this where a lot of people in the entertainment industry are falling into depression and getting suicidal, bloggers should learn how to be more sensitive please cos Nigerian readers and commenters can be so mean and hurtful that if you are not a strong person it can affect you mentally and emotionally.
if my ‘swear words’ as you call them are hurtful,I was posted on the spur of the moment in the need to defend myself..

You post a lot of suggestive will people know you have businesses if all you post are things that make them feel you are advertising your body instead of your talent?
I don’t post only suggestive photos Stella, I am naturally Sexy in nature, I am a very sexy attractive woman and anything I do is seen First as sexy, even if I wear iro and buba it will still be seen sexy.. just a few days ago I posted a picture that I wasn’t even Nood in and I had to do a long write up trying to explain why I don’t show the Very sexual side of me a lot because it makes me uncomfortable and shy and all hell broke loose on Instagram so imagine if I do that everyday I might just become the Kim Kardashian of Nigeria LMAO..

Stella we live in a wicked world..If you knows you know, I used to post and flaunt a lot about 4-5yrs ago I will put up everything and anything i was doing on social media and I started having certain attacks which I consider I became wiser..I still post my charity works, my production work and my accessories shop even my Realtor business and they all have their separate pages on all social media platforms ; which are

Am into showbiz and that’s why it seem I post only pictures of myself but most time it’s to advertise the things I sell.i actually wear them to advertise has nothing to do with wanting a man or whatever assumptions, I don’t need a Man to be OK.. am doing OK and am comfortable by Gods grace..

-All the rumour trailing you ..why are you talking now?why now? 
I Am talking now because you are the first to ask me with the intention of knowing without bias..people believe what they want..but when someone genuinely wants to know the truth about an issue,it’s only respectful that the gesture is reciprocated.. I am very quiet and low key kind of person by nature, And a lot of times when this stories come up people always just tell me ignore it, it will pass, its just a rumours, you know they say talking about it drag more attention to it, So I always kept mute, although I wished I had addressed something things earlier it probably might have helped clear out so senseless stories tagged to my name but in all I have no Regrets in Life, I just learn from mistakes..

-Are you friends with actress Cossy Orjiakor?she has done several coded posts referring to you and the car you got that she didn’t…..Do you also want to address this?do you know what she means?
Yeah I equally read and heard a few things she said..I have never had an issue with her, she has never mentioned..even though we have never been friends, I feel like she is transferring someone Else’s anger and aggressions that she feels on me but if she calls me and tells me where and how I offended her,then as two mature women we can sit and talk.
I am still dumbfounded at the harsh stance she has against me though but I don’t want to take any write up serious until she reaches out to me..

Any other rumour you want to clear.
I was never pregnant or had a baby in America, I really don’t know where people create this stories from? I Have never had a child in my life, I went to America to get a surgery, I had been battling with fibroid for some years now, Nobody knows about it,only my close friends and family, this is the first time I am talking about it openly Stella , Fibroid is no joke, the pain is excruciating and I had to go get a surgical help, I was in America for a couple of months, and the next thing I started hearing, was i went to have a baby, I laughed so hard at first I thought it was a joke, until I start hearing different stories created to go with it, even my colleagues in the industry were talking about it , I was particularly disappointed in one of the senior directors in the industry, because he was heard gossipping about it in Asaba,i felt so bad because I respected him a lot, anyway Stella there is nothing I have not heard about myself but in all I am THANKFUL because you have to be Someone Important for people to talk about.

Thanks for responding to all the questions,I will contact you again if i remember anything that i need to ask…


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