The Importance Of Water; Check This


Do you have to force yourself to drink eight glasses of water each day? Do you opt for juice instead and tell yourself it is okay since you are drinking a water substitute? It might be time to rethink your modus operandi and consider the numerous ways water can help you reduce that glaring number on the scale. Ready? So, water can help you…

1. Reduce your caloric intake

Filling up on water before a meal or a snack can help lower your caloric intake. A tummy full of water doesn’t have nearly as much room left for food. Can you say natural appetite suppressant?

2. Beat sugar cravings

Drinking water instead of soda or even sugar-free juice substitutes can help you lose weight. Sugar-free juice substitutes still trigger sweet cravings that can cause you to eat sugary treats. Removing all sweet flavors from your diet can help you put sugar cravings behind you. Plus, artificial sweeteners usually replace the sugar in sugar-free drinks, so opting for water helps you ingest fewer chemicals too.

3. Flush out toxins

Water helps flush out toxins from your body and can help you lower your cholesterol count at the same time. Even if you don’t like the taste of water, think about all the nasty gunk you are flushing out of your ‘pipes’ each time you chug-a-lug a glass of H20. Keep lemon or lime juice in your fridge and add a drop or two to your glass to alter the flavor of your water.

4. Boost your productivity at the gym

Although it’s not something you usually consider when you are working out, water actually helps you work out more. Ever had a muscle cramp when you haven’t inhaled enough water? There is nothing like a pulled muscle to put an abrupt end to your workout routine. You won’t have to worry about shortened workouts if you keep your muscles lubricated.

5. Improve your liver function

Without getting too heavily into high-school biology, water can help your liver process fats better. A smooth-running liver equals less fat building up around your six-pack. Now who wants to drink more H20? Even if you won’t drop those pounds, you will at least have a healthy liver.

6. Improve your complexion

Water is phenomenal for your skin. The better your skin looks, the more pep you will have in your step. The perkier you feel, the more likely you are to engage in physical activity. It’s a pretty cool side effect, right?

7. Poop more

Although it might sound gross, water helps you poop more. Less poop in your colon can equal a lower number on your scale first thing in the morning. Many dieters take a laxative to speed up their poop process. Laxatives might be effective, but not healthy. Water is a way better alternative.

8. Pee more

On the topic of bathroom habits, drinking water makes you pee more. The more time you spend in the bathroom emptying your bladder, the less time you have to be peering into the fridge wondering what you’ll eat next. While it sounds weird, the result will astonish you.

9. Rehydrate your body

A dehydrated body is less likely to feel energized enough to exercise. Less exercise equals less weight loss. Consider that little tidbit the next time you want to pass up the chance to drink more water. If plain water isn’t your bet, opt for lemon water instead.

10. Control your blood pressure

Drinking plenty of water also helps you naturally lower your blood pressure. Flushing sodium out of your body helps you avoid blood pressure medications that can make it difficult to lose weight. Water is definitely not a cure, but it’s still vital for your whole body.

As you can clearly see from the list above, water truly does do ‘a body good.’ Not only is drinking plenty of water fabulous for your skin, muscles, and internal organs, it also helps you feel better mentally too. Each time you down another glass of water, you know you are doing something that is really healthy for your overall well-being. Doing something that you know can potentially help you live a longer life can definitely put a little extra pep in your step. Are you ready to start drinking more water without complaining now?


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