The Worst Performing States in Nigeria According to CGPI October Report

A recently released data has revealed Nigeria’s worst performing states in its October report.
The governors of Kogi, Yobe, Ebonyi, Zamfara and Akwa Ibom have been labelled Nigeria’s worst performing state governors of the month based on a comparative analysis of governors performance in Nigeria.

The study tagged CIAPS Governors Performance Index (CGPI) is a monthly performance review of what governors across the country are doing in their offices and it is conducted by the Lagos-based Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS).

In a statement released by the Centre, the CGPI coordinator, Mr Olumuyiwa Ayoola explained that the variables used as indexes for performance were mathematically calculated and this month’s variables have been skewed to place emphasis on “Payment of Salary, New Projects, Education, Security and Leadership by example.”

According to Ayoola, the action of each state governor was monitored and studied from their first day of the month and the findings were graded and compared to that of fellow governors across the country.

In the month of October, the CGPI results show that the governors of Akwa Ibom, Zamfara, Kogi, Yobe and Ebonyi states are the worst performing states in Nigeria and all finished in the bottom places with not more than a score of 35 per cent.


The CGPI panel also noted the role of the Federal Government in disbursing and monitoring the bail out funds needs to be clarified.
Commenting on the CGPI report, CIAPS Centre Director and CGPI Chair, Prof Anthony Kila stated that the “CGPI is a useful tool for democracy and good governance as it allows government to be objectively measured against their peers and compels all in power to be mindful of accountability.”

The variables used for measuring Governors performance this month takes into account that most governors are new to office whilst some have been there for a longer period of time. Kila further explained that he hopes that the CGPI monthly reports will make the governors to sit up, improve their performances during their tenure and even enter into healthy competition between themselves for the benefit of their states and the country as a whole.

A full report of all Nigerian Governors ratings can be viewed on the CGPI website . Kaduna State is the best performing State with 72% followed by Sokoto State with 64 per cent.

“The CGPI committee will continue to meet monthly at CIAPS to review performance of state governors in the country. CIAPS is the first paperless institution in Africa and it is running career-oriented programmes aimed at getting graduates and professional into jobs in their chosen professions. The main areas of studies are: Journalism, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Office management, Education and Project Management,” the report added.


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