Things Successful Women Never Say

Because sometimes you’ve got to talk your way to the top.

As a successful woman, being quick to listen and slow to speak will serve you well. Choosing your words wisely will take you even further because words are powerful.

Here are 6 statements successful women never utter:

“Yes” (to everything)

It’s a hard one to learn, but a necessary one. Learning to say no is an art but a significant one as it puts necessary boundaries in place because, unfortunately, we cannot commit to and attend every meeting, event or conference we are invited to.

The trick to successfully saying no is to say it kindly. Thank the person for inviting you but it’s important to stay aware of what you’re capable of managing. This is going to be your strongest weapon.

“X is such a…”

A successful woman knows not to gossip. She doesn’t disgrace others nor does she tolerate or appreciate people who do, either. Successful women do not thrive in gossiping environments. Instead, successful women seek to build other women up because she understand the strength and value in it.


“I don’t know how!”

The brightest women are the most resourceful. We’ve all been in a situation where we don’t know how to do something, especially if we’re new or the task at hand is new, so instead of saying we don’t know how, successful women ask questions and do the necessary research to get the task done. The trick is to make it your business to learn how.

“I don’t have time.”

We all have 24 hours in a day — you, us and Beyoncé. Learning how to manage your time effectively and efficiently will serve you well. If you really are pressed for time, there are more conducive ways to communicate this:

“I can take that project on but I will need [X amount of time] to complete it.”

“Right now my focus is on X , perhaps XXX is better placed to take this on at this time?”

This takes us back to the art of saying no sometimes and knowing what you can manage and what you can’t. Successful women know that saying yes to everything can lead to getting the job half done.

“I don’t get paid enough for this.”

A successful woman doesn’t like to complain. Although the workload may often overwhelm you, smart women don’t project a disgruntled attitude. This is a defeatist and destructive comment that you shouldn’t let your manager ever overhear.

“I work alone.”

Even though there will always be certain tasks that we can complete on her own, a smart woman knows that she can maximise her efforts by working with others through other people. Often, learning to delegate is a skill best adopted and maximised as this will help her excel in her field.

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