Things Women Can Do About Hair Loss

Hair loss is still a closeted topic until today. Perhaps, it is because of the scorn placed by the media and society itself that deep within ourselves we think that losing our ‘crown of glory’ is not something to be proud of. That is why, perhaps, we are not very open about it.

However, when hair loss lowers our self-confidence and affects our career and social life—it is a call for us to speak up. We start to seek out people who also suffer from this condition and people who can give advice. Yes, hair loss is a problem and we are in dire need to get the best solution.Hair Loss


Female Pattern Hair Loss is a progressive condition of hair thinning and decreasing hair volume. It can occur to any age group but mostly, women in their fifties tend to be more susceptible especially after menopause. Unlike male pattern baldness where thinning starts in the frontal hairline, hair shedding and thinning in female pattern baldness usually start from the top or crown of the head.

We have long debunked the idea which largely propagated in the past that balding is an outward affliction or nature’s sign of losing one’s virility. Other than stress, lack of nutrients, or hormonal imbalance, female pattern baldness is also caused by our genetic make-up.


Emotional and psychological distress knocks in when a person experiences hair loss. We live in a world where our ideals are not only emphasized on one’s personality and character, but also on the physical qualities.

Even in the ancient times, people have so much regard on their hair, linking it to ‘youthfulness’ and ‘vigor’.

And yet when we are faced with hair loss problem, it would seem that the clock is ticking down before us. We become anxious of looking older and being older.


We can either turn to the gifts of nature or science in dealing our thinning mane. Here are some ways:


If seeking out for a surgeon’s help is not on your list yet, you might want to start storing up onion and aloe vera.


Onion’s sulfur component helps in increasing the collagen production which enables hair regrowth and prevents breakage. Not only that, onions can also prevent premature greying of hair.

We can let go of the ancient formula for hair loss except for aloe vera. Aloe vera has been known for many centuries to soothe the scalp -increasing blood circulation during the massage. Although aloe vera is not an overnight solution for balding, it conditions the scalp, thereby, providing a good environment for hair regrowth.


One of the most common causes of hair loss is stress. Our health is our responsibility. Therefore, we should make sure that even though life can be overwhelming at times, we must make time to let some sweat out and make sure to only keep healthy calories. Not only that, sleep is important too! We must allow our body recuperate and recharge.

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Minoxidil 2% is the first FDA-approved (US) topical treatment to slow down hair loss and promote regrowth. From the research published by the Journal of American Academy of dermatology, Minoxidil showed safety and effectiveness to women who were suffering from female pattern hair loss. While this is deemed to be a good news especially for people who wants remedy from a drugstore, it is worth-noting to be careful on the side effects and allergic reactions.


If none of the listed above sound appealing to you and you want a long-term solution for hair loss problem, you might want to get in touch with the best dermatologist and surgeon and have your hair transplant procedure scheduled.

As of 2015, the International Hair Restoration Society has recorded a total number of 1,055,480 patients of hair transplant procedures worldwide. 358,109 of which was done surgically and the rest, non-surgically. The figures shown showed a hefty increase compared to 10 years ago, before the advent of advanced hair transplant procedures that we have today.

Many are lured to go under the knife not only because it offers long-term results, but also hair transplants are much more time efficient as one does not need daily clinic visits. With just a few sessions, you can sit back and enjoy your new look.

It can be easy to find advertisements of hair loss treatment medication or procedures. However, we must still do due diligence in knowing what treatment that would give us our desired results.

We know how hair loss problem can be depressing, that’s why we should make sure that we go to the most reputable people who know only the best.


Author Bio:

Justin Kim is a writer living in Sydney and writes for Australian Institute of Hair Restoration.  Justin has had over 8 years of experience in all areas of hair transplant surgery and extensive work exposure throughout Australia and overseas..


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