This Is Onye Eze Money, The Owner Of The House Okoro Blessing Claimed Was Hers

Onye Eze Money

Onye Eze Money, has now been confirmed as the real owner of the house, blogger Okoro Blessing claimed as hers.

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There was a report yesterday about how an audio conversation of Okoro was released by one of her friends, shortly after Eze Money shared a photo of his building plan.

Okoro Blessing in the audio admitted to faking the house, and she planned on waiting for a while for the whole saga to die down, before she builds a replica of the house so as to launder her own image online.

The blogger was arrested earlier today, and forced to make a video to admit that the 7-Bedroom duplex she claimed to have built from scratch does not belong to her.

Meet Onye Eze. A china-based Igbo man who single-handedly built the mansion from scratch!

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