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This Two-Step Ghana Weaving Hairstyle is Perfect for Nigerian Women With Round Faces

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When it comes to picking a hairstyle it is important that one takes into consideration their face shape. It is true that some styles look great on almost any face shape yet it’s best not to take risks and know what works for you beforehand.

If you have a round face your primary focus should be to add length to your face. Long layered hair draws the eye downwards and makes your round face look longer.

Ghana weaving is a common style here in Nigeria and the two-step look is perfect for ladies with a round face.
The two-step style involves having one layer above and another layer of braids beneath. This style gives you a slight lift so your hair doesn’t look flat on your head.
Temi Otedola of JTO Fashion recently stepped out in these braids and we’re all for it. She also accessorized with beads which is quite a trendy way to rock braids.
Let  Temi inspire your next Ghana weaving hairstyle;


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