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Three Important Social Media Monitoring Tools

To maximize your outreach with current and prospective customers, it’s important to know what each platform provides in the way of active listening. Below are the main tools for your team to consider.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter offers a robust Advanced Search feature that makes it easy to find specific Tweets that might matter to your brand. You can refine your search through different terms, message senders, locations, dates and more.

Facebook Search

Facebook Search is another outlet for monitoring, but with most profiles being set to private, it can be somewhat limited in scope. But you can monitor big groups and open profiles with large followings.

Google Alerts

To monitor brand mentions across most of the Internet, set up Google Alerts. These messages will be delivered directly to your email inbox. Although the service doesn’t cover many of the main social networks, it makes it easy to keep abreast of what is being said about your brand in the news and elsewhere on websites and blogs.


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