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Three Managerial Skills For Effectiveness

Management is a global concept that is limited to a particular skill or knowledge. It cuts across all discipline. Therefore, for a manager to be successful and competent, he needs to have a considerable degree of knowledge in areas pertaining to public and private policies, human resources management, financial management law, economics, leadership, motivation and labour laws. He should also have decision making and communication skills. 

No matter the level you are in management, these three skills are important for you to be effective:

1. Conceptual Skills

The intellectual skill of having the capacity to perceive powerful trends and direction in the society that is relevant to the organization is called conceptual skills. Conceptual skill is relevant to the top-level management of any organization. This is important because the management level has to develop processes and structures to deal with touching items, actual and potential conflicts as well as future problems in a thoughtful and constructive way. Failure to do this is disastrous. 

2. Technical Skills

It refers to the ability to use the tools, methods, processes, and techniques that are relevant to the managerial role. These skills could be gotten from further education and training, experience and mentor-mentee relationship. Proficiency with relevant technical skills helps you to be an effective manager. 

3. Human Relations Skills

The essence of leadership is working through others. Therefore, to be effective as a manager, human consideration is a motivating factor to enhance productivity. With adequate motivation and necessary incentives, a worker can contribute normally to increased productivity in the organization. 

Written by Segun Ogunlade, an Online Editor at HowNg


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