Three Signs You Have The Support Of People Around You

believing in you

1. People are happy to work at your tempo, and in your work style instead of theirs. There are people who just won’t allow others to disrupt their way of doing things, and they tend not to vest in others simply because we all have somewhat different ways of getting things done.

People who are comfortable vesting in others, though, are proud of bending over backward to accommodate the needs of their close associates.

2. People typically talk in terms of your own priorities, interests, and prosperity. They make you the center of attention because they see you as their surrogate and don’t need to recapture the spotlight for themselves. The wise response is to grant them the same courtesy and commitment.

3. People look for ways to expand their relationship with you. They seek further common interests, and include you in many of the important things they do, even if it’s not something you can do on a level equal to theirs. They’ll find a way to employ your skills. They will also bridge the gap between personal and professional relationships — by bringing you into their personal life if you work together, or by sharing their professional life with you if they’re a social friend.


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