TikTok Launches Virtual Reality App Ahead of YouTube, Netflix

TikTok has taken a major move into the future of virtual reality, launching a dedicated app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

YouTube and Netflix have yet to create a footprint on this platform. TikTok’s new player, which was created from scratch, works seamlessly with the headset.

Those who are familiar with TikTok’s standard iOS or Android apps will find the Vision Pro version easy to use.

The software features a vertically oriented video player with options for liking, commenting, favorite, and sharing.

Furthermore, TikTok has wisely used the Vision Pro’s large screen area to reorganize UI elements.

Comments and creator profiles are now displayed on a pane to the right, allowing the primary video player to play uninterrupted.

Last month, TikTok hinted at the release of its Vision Pro software. Ahmad Zahran, the product lead, revealed that his team “completely redesigned the TikTok experience” for the headgear.

The Vision Pro app offers a special viewing experience. Users can watch TikTok videos while keeping aware of their real surroundings, or in a simulated environment such as the lunar surface.

The app also works well with other applications in the headset.

Netflix and YouTube have not modified their iPad apps to support the headset. Instead, they recommend that customers access their services through the Safari browser.

However, YouTube, which aims to compete with TikTok with its YouTube Shorts service, has lately stated that a Vision Pro app is in development.

TikTok’s innovative strategy to integrating its platform with Apple’s Vision Pro headset sets a new standard for social networking apps in virtual reality.

TikTok is the first major player to utilize this technology, ushering in a new era of immersive video content.

Meanwhile, companies such as YouTube are taking note and following suit.

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