Tips On Choosing The Right Colours For Job Interview


There are heaps of fundamental strides to take when planning for a prospective job interview like exploring the organization, gazing upward on the profiles of the general population you’ll meet, picking the suitable outfit, lastly wearing the right colour.

Wearing the right colour to a job interview will help convey your confidence and ability to fit into an organization’s environment and most certainly land you your dream job.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right colours for your interview:

Choose Solids Over Patterns

An important rule in preparing for an interview is to try not to be remembered for your attire; you need to wear outfits that allows the interviewer to focus on your skills rather than your wacky style. Wearing solid colours helps ensure that your clothes will not distract. Colours like; navy, dark gray, black suits and plain colored dresses in particular look professional without being distracting. Small patterns, like thin pinstripes, are okay as well.

Choose Neutrals Over Brights

If you wear a very brightly coloured suit or dress, you will almost certainly be remembered for your outfit (rather than your job qualifications or skills). Neutral colours – navy, gray, black, and brown are the best colours for a job interview.

White is also an excellent colour for a blouse or button-down shirt, you can certainly add a pop of colour to an interview outfit.

Pale or pastel colours are a great way to add colour without appearing too authoritative, and are great for people-friendly jobs such as service or creative positions, limit the number of brightly coloured items to one, and make sure it is not the dominant colour of your outfit.

Know the Office Environment

If you are applying for a job in fashion, or a sales job at a unique clothing store, you might feel free to be a bit more creative in your colouring to show your sense of style.

But in a job market where employers must decide between numerous qualified candidates, the right outfit with the right colours can set you apart from the pack.

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