Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Getting fit is something that many people want to do, but, for many, there just never seems to be enough time. Even more important, then, to make sure that you make the most of your exercise time, so here are ten tips on how to get into the exercise habit and, how to make it work.

1. Set your targets to suit you

Whether you are new to exercising or not, setting your targets too high will only be counterproductive. Don’t expect to be able run a marathon, if you don’t normally even walk to the shops! If you do, it will put you off exercise for life!

2. Do set targets, though

Even though you should not expect miracles, you should still have some goals in mind. To keep things realistic, wet targets that are an improvement on your past performance. In running, for example, aim to run one mile more or in a workout, aim to do more sit-ups than you did the last time.

3. Make working out a habit

Have set times for your exercising and stick to it! After a while, you’re exercising will become a habit and it will come as a natural part of your routine, so you will be less tempted to skip a few days, or weeks.

4. Work out with a friend

Find a friend or a family member to work out and it will seem much less of a chore. Working can be fun, if you do it with a workout buddy, but on your own, it can be very, very boring. You can also then share challenges together and encourage each other to do better.

5. Always do a proper warm up

A proper warm up should be a part of any workout. If you don’t, you can pull muscles and injure yourself. So, be sure to do a few gentle warm up exercise before you start any more strenuous exercises.

6. Exercise to music

If you do find yourself getting bored, try working out to some upbeat music. Music will keep you entertained and spur you on to even more exercise. It just makes the whole experience more enjoyable and less of a drudge.

7. Try shorter, more intensive workouts

If you don’t have time for full hours, then try a more intensive, half hour. In fact, shorter workouts are better than very long ones because, after a while, the body ceases to get any benefit from the exercise.

8. Keep a record of your achievements

Keeping a journal of your fitness improvements can be a great way to keep up your enthusiasm for your workouts. Just log the number of repetitions completed, the distance run, or the weights lifted and it will help you continue on towards your targets.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are using a gym, then make use of the advice and help that you get there. There is no point going it alone and trying to match what other people doing in the gym because you might injure yourself. Talk to a trainer and get a fitness assessment, before you start and the professionals will help guide you, safely, to your optimum level of fitness.

10. Experiment

Don’t keep with same old routine, month after month, or you will get bored. Try different activities and equipment and don’t forget that there are also sports and dance that will help get you fit too.


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