Tips On How To Maintain A Weight Loss Journey



In Nigeria, people use natural and herbal mixtures to lose weight and it works but how long can you keep those shape. You could lose weight based on your diet but it takes an extra effort to maintain weight loss. It’s not too late to make a new year resolution of keeping your body size.

Oprah Winfrey recently lost over 25 pounds on the weight watchers plan and she is looking ravishing at 66 years old

Here are 6 tips on how to maintain weight loss Journey:

#1. Change Your Lifestyle:

If you are in the habit of eating everything you see then you are not ready for a change. There are some lifestyles you have to let go. Some people don’t even care if a food does harm to them than good. To sustain your perfect body size you have to limit the intake of sugary, fatty food and anything that can pose danger to your health.

#2. Regular Exercise

For some people they find it difficult to exercise their body because they have not been doing it for a while. A daily exercise of 30 minutes – 1 hour isnt bad for your health. It doesn’t kill rather it keeps your mental and body active for the rest of the day. During lunch hour in your office you can take a 10-minutes walk to the restaurant instead of sitting at a spot all day.

#3. Do Less Food and Eat More Vegetables

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I know the greedy eaters can consume anything in sight but eating everything you come across isn’t good and can make you obese. Learn to reduce your food intake and replace it with fruits and vegetables. Do away with red meat and balance your diet with right portion of food.

#4. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Many people get confused when you tell them to reduce their food intake. This doesn’t mean you should skip meal especially breakfast. In fact, if you skip breakfast you will add more calories when you eat. Consume your meal in small quantity.

#5. Keep Yourself In Check

If you don’t want to add more pounds you have to constantly check yourself with the bathroom scale. It makes it easy for you to track your progress. Alteast this can be done regularly to help you keep in shape and burn calorie when it is needed. Live a healthy life by cutting down extra fat.

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#6. Stay Active

Don’t stay idle and make your television set your lover. When you sit for hours to watch television at a spot you can add body fat. There are several intellectual activities you can engage in that will make your mind and body active.


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