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Tiwa Savage’s Biography: Everything About The Celebrity’s Life And Career

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

Did you know that the real name of Tiwa Savage is Tiwatope Savage-Balogun? Well, you do now. Do you know how Tiwa Savage became the person we know today? What is Tiwa Savage’s biography? And what shaped her over the years? Read on to find out!

However, before we proceed to her current life, let’s explore what made her the person and an artist we know today. So, let’s start from the very beginning.

Early years

Tiwa Savage's life and career

This artist was born in the central city of the Lagos State. She spent beautiful eleven years in Nigeria, but for many reasons later her family had decided to move to the Great Britain. This move made her into a very diverse personality not afraid of living in a multicultural environment.

Besides, even though her major was in Business, as a high schooler she already knew about her enormous talent, and so did people around her. So, she was singing on the back for celebrities including ones like Emma Bunton, The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Sting, and others. She made her way to the top and became well-known in show business circles as a gifted young person who was quite promising for her own time.

College of Music years

She did not rush into anything, though. As far as we know she obtained a degree officially only at the age of twenty-seven. The star said that it was a perfect decision for her at that time, as she was greatly inspired by the younger generation. She said that as an experienced backstage singer, it was not an easy move for her to transfer to becoming a lead. Most musicians at this time are scared of becoming a failure and remaining a mediocre backstage artist.

However, thanks to her incredible talent this was not Savage’s case. When she was still a student at the Berklee College of Music, she has decided to participate in the popular X Factor show in the United Kingdom. She was a real find for the show; however, she did not make it to the finals and failed to enter the final 12.

It was a painful experience, but as a celebrity mentions, she needed it to learn how to deal with failures, get over them and keep moving. Savage stated in one of her interviews that previous experience and collaboration with show business celebrities taught her that usually, viewers expect you to be strong. Thus, even after a failure, you have to keep moving despite the pain.

Songwriting experience

In between 2009 and 2011, Tiwa has written many of the famous songs for leading celebrities like David Guetta and others. She proved to be magnificent at doing this given the fact that some of the songs she wrote and put on music were nominated for the American awards and honors.

Besides, she kept on singing on the backstage for some of the world-known singers like Houston. However, as Savage mentioned later, she enjoys writing songs she can perform herself much more. Such experience usually yields better results, as it brings you both fame, recognition and money for the performance.

Further career

In the following several years, Tiwa Savage got her own album released, joined the Mavin Records and performed many times both in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The public loves her given her enormous talent and desire to impress.

However, her work in the Nigerian show business was not as easy as it could be. Tiwa Savage’s history shows us that show business world is the one with numerous challenges and obstacles on one’s way. People were trying to talk her out of entering the business community in the state. However, she insisted, and some of her first songs including “Kele Kele Love” became so popular that spiteful persons had to admit to her success.

Tiwa Savage's wedding


One of the most exciting news that went viral on the Internet in 2014 was that of Tiwa Savage and her big wedding day. As you know, the celebrity was married to a man named Tunji Balogun. They met at 323 Entertainment, Savage’s own label imprint. After some time of him being her manager, they started dating, and in February of 2013, he proposed to her.

They did no wait too long to get officially married. In fact, the couple trying to recognize the cultural and traditional views of their families had two weddings. One of them – the traditional one – was held in Lagos State, Nigeria. It took place in November of 2013. You can check out the picture from her wedding day here.
Tiwa Savage's marriage

However, several months later Tiwa Savage and husband decided to hold a so-called “white wedding” which is a rather semi-formal ceremony. They had their big day in Dubai at one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.


On the first day of 2015, the couple stated that they were more than happy to be waiting for a child now. They knew it for some time back then but decided to make it official. We don’t know much at how the relationship between Tiwa Savage and her husband developed, but we do know is that after she had given birth to her son, something went wrong.

When their firstborn was almost a year old, they started accusing each other of having affairs. Tiwa Savage’s husband mentioned that he suspects that his wife is having an affair on the side on one of his social media accounts.

Tiwa Savage's son

However, after she got fully recovered, Tiwa Savage made a public statement that her husband is wrong. Moreover, she announced that their marriage is over due to husband’s drug addiction and abusiveness.

Today Tiwa Savage and her son are inseparable despite all life difficulties they face.

This is the short version of Tiwa Savage’s biography. We hope you found it interesting and encouraging. Follow this star on her social media profiles, as she seems to be rather active in posting updates on her life and career.


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