Top 10 Cars That Can Survive The Harsh Nigerian Roads

We all know that cars come in various shapes and sizes. We also know that automobiles are designed for varying responsibilities. So, there are cars which are best suited for Nigerian roads.
This is the Nigerian road experience: You decided to make a short trip to see someone in a nearby town, you step into your lovely car and begin your trip. Halfway through, and you realise you’ve embarked on a destructive journey for your beloved car.
For the one scenario painted above, there are hundreds more that could’ve been used like say a danfo scratching your car before you can maneuver or your car getting sunk in the sands of Lagos Island…
When these happen, we hiss, grumble and complain as our cars bump helplessly into the deep and sharp portholes which adorn our roads at every turn.
Taking this problem into perspective we decided to undertake a research of some cars which were built for the terrible conditions prevalent in Nigerian roads. Here are 10 cars we found out were built for Nigerian roads. Bewarned…dem cost…thank God for second hand sha.
10. Toyota Sequoia
The Toyota sequoia is one of the toughest cars you can find on the road. The Toyota sequoia is built to withstand and navigate all sorts of the difficult landscape, such as hilly terrains, pot holes, speed bumps, and muddy landscape.
It’s sleek body shape construction and spacious interior makes this car quite eye catching.
The Toyota sequoia costs about $40,000 which is over N12 million if you do the conversion correctly with today’s dollar-naira rate.
9. Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
The guys who designed the Toyota 4Runner had the bad road network of Nigeria in mind when they built this rugged vehicle. The Toyota 4Runner TRD comes with a set of huge tires, off-road suspension, and a high ride height that gives you the feeling of superiority when riding on the difficult Nigerian landscape.
The Toyota 4Runner TRD is quite spacious and would do great as a family SUV too. The price is on the high side, though. It costs nothing less than $38,000 (i.e. N12 million) to acquire this ride.
8. Acura RDX
The Acura RDX is a masterpiece that was created for off-road travels. The pot-holes on Nigerian roads will constitute an insignificant hitch when the Acura RDX is on the move. The car has all the specifications that befit a car suited for the technologically advanced 21st century.
The Acura RDX comes with a powerful turbocharged gasoline engine, powered by 4 cylinders. This is a car built for Nigerian roads.
Pricing starts at $30,000.
7. Nissan Xterra Pro-4X
The Nissan Xterra Pro-4X is one of a kind when it comes to cars built to withstand difficult road conditions. The Nissan Xterra Pro-4X is one of the first cars you’ll spot in any Nissan showroom. One feature that endears one to the Xterra is the 265/75R16 tires which are built to withstand any sort of rough terrain. Another feature that helps the Xterra overcome poor road conditions, is the high suspension that comes with its trim body shape.
The Nissan Xterra Pro-4X is also known for its low gas consumption. Pricing for this car begins at $26,000.
6. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Series
These Jeep series are simply irresistible. Instead of shelling out tons of cash to fund cars which will sooner than later be destroyed by bad Nigerian roads, a pick of any of the Jeep wrangler unlimited series will do. Some astounding members of these series include Wrangler Unlimited WILLYS WHEELER, Wrangler Unlimited Sports, Wrangler Unlimited Black Bear, the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara etc. All these cars go for below $35,000.
Saying that these cars are built to withstand off-road conditions is an understatement. These are a really strong set of cars.
5. Jeep Liberty
Well, here’s another tough one. The Jeep Liberty is gradually becoming quite popular for those who know a thing or two about cars. The Jeep liberty is one car which was indeed built for Nigerian roads; you will be forgiven for adding the Sahara desert to that number, though. This is one SUV you should definitely check out. It comes with a 210 horse power engine, high suspension, alloy wheels, automatic gears and engines running on V6 cylinders.
This is truly a machine in a world of its own. Pricing for the Jeep liberty starts at $36,000.
4. Toyota Highlander 2014-2016
The Toyota Highlander is another sports utility vehicle (SUV) that was built to undertake daunting landscape challenges. The Toyota Highlander comes with a powerful V6 engine and a high suspension.
The Toyota Highlander is a strong car with a sleek shape that can easily navigate Nigerian roads with no problem. This car comes at a price starting from $25,000.
3. Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota has continued to modify the Land Cruiser and today the Toyota land cruiser has built a vehicle that can blaze Nigerian roads without any difficulty. The Land cruiser isn’t just called the land cruiser for nothing; it comes with a powerful 381 horsepower, V-8 engine. These combined features give the Land Cruiser an edge over other cars in its category.
Also embedded therein is the Toyota kinetic dynamic suspension which allows for more suspension and movement in tough road conditions, such as is prevalent in Nigeria. The car is quite expensive, though -pricing starts at $80,000.
2. Range Rover
The Land Rover have undergone several modifications to become one of the strongest and most expensive cars that adequately suits Nigerian roads today. Now widely referred to as the Range Rover Sport. This is a vehicle that needs little or no introduction.
The Range Rover comes loaded with a powerful 510-horse power, V-8 or V-6 (depending on your pocket). This is that car that won’t get you stuck in the mud or flipped over by a pot-hole. With long travel air adjustable suspension system which can go as high as 10.2 inches, the car gives you the feeling of superiority while in it. Pricing starts at $85,000.
1. Mercedes-Benz G-Class
When a German-based company ‘Mercedes’ sits down to build a car well suited for off-road conditions, we usually expect the best. That was what we got with the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon and G-class series. This car was definitely built with roads such as prevalent in Nigeria in mind.
It comes with a V-8 cylinder engine, although you might prefer the interior of this car to the exterior. The Mercedes-Benz G-class has a rugged look about it, but it still provides all the luxury you can expect from a fairly expensive SUV. Pricing for the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon starts at $105,000.
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