Top 10 “What Is?” Google Searches Of 2014 | Google Ranking


Thanks to Dorobucci… Many Nigerians have been wondering what the meaning of Doro is… So they have been searching.

Mavin Records brought out the acronym, thanks to their smash hit, Dorobucci… Nigerians have also been searching for What Is Ebola… Likewise, What Is ISIS… Following insurgency raiding the world.

See the top 10 most searched What Is… Below

  1. What Is Ebola
  2. What Is ISIS
  3. What Is Doro
  4. What is mutiny
  5. What is ALS
  6. What is Quarantine
  7. What is Stampede
  8. What Is Racism
  9. What is Fashionista
  10. What is Lupus
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