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Top 10 Holiday Relaxing Destinations In Lagos

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It is the season of holidays and merriment when families and loved ones look to spend quality time for future memories. While some families have their tickets ready to fly out to tourist attractions around the world and some have made plans to enjoy the holidays with close or extended families in other Nigerian states, others have no plans to leave Lagos for any reason. This article is especially for the families that belong to the third group. We hope that you and your family have the best of this season in Lagos. For families leaving Lagos to other states or to other countries of the world, you can note some of these places for the future. When you come back to Lagos, don’t hesitate to check out these top ten sites with your family for every public holiday that you can get out of your office!

Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center: You’ll find very few places in Lagos where the habitat is natural because of the metropolitan structure of Lagos. Lekki Conservation Center is a reserve center for wildlife in Lagos that has continued to attract both local and international lovers of serene and natural habitats. Till date, over two million tourists from more than 100 nations have visited the place. Gobsmacked? Now you know. If you want to experience nature at its very best in Lagos, Lekki Conservation Center is one place to consider.


Lekki Beach Resort









Lekki Beach Resort: This is arguably one of the popular resorts in Lagos. It possesses a rich blend of comfort and
tradition and promises a worthwhile experience to its visitors. With enough comfort amenities to cater for your luxury needs, the Atlantic Ocean view is definitely an added delight.











Eleko Beach: One of the nicest beaches to be in Lagos for lovers or for exclusive family hang outs is Eleko beach. With lots of food joints and bars along the seashore, and access to a beach hut for a day, it promises to be one of your best holiday getaways in Lagos. This is perhaps the nicest public beach along the peninsula. If you are seeking a beautiful and tranquil place for you and your mate or for your family, Eleko Beach might be your perfect spot.












Terrakulture: Terrakulture has a mix of exciting activities for you and your family to enjoy. As a cultural center,
Terrakulture sets out to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian languages, arts and culture. View painting exhibitions by Nigerian artists. Learn another Nigerian language or a craft. Check out the African boutique and the bookshop/library where you can get contemporary/classic African fabrics and books written by African authors. It also has a restaurant that ensures that after you’ve had your fill exploring Terrakulture, you can settle down for the best of Nigerian meals. If you haven’t been there, what are you still waiting for?













The Soul Lounge:Soul lovers, you need some soul lounge this season. Visit to enjoy some great varieties of music ranging from jazz to world music. While you listen, enjoy the romantic ambiance of this premier nightspot. Fondly known as the “House of Soul”, The Soul Lounge will give you an experience of the classics and pure hospitality.


Interior of Nike Art Gallery









Nike Art Gallery: This is one of the exciting places to be in Lagos. It offers a variety of artworks through indigo dyeing, Adire making, the use of Batik, reverse applique, quilting, embroidery, traditional loom weaving, stone works and carvings, brass and copper, beadwork, rice paper works, paintings, drumming, dancing and singing.  If you have little to no idea of what half of this list means, you should visit and see it displayed at the Nike Art gallery.







Ikeja City Mall: This mall is situated in the heart of Lagos and caters to visitors and customers from its environs and other parts of the state. The mall opened for business in December 2011 and is constantly growing by adding more stores for the benefit of visitors. Let your family be a part of the excitement too.












The Jazz Hole: People who have gone there have one word to describe it: “Excellent!” Anyone who visits The Jazz Hole is bound to enjoy a wholesome triple package of good music, good books and good coffee. In addition, it has a collection of African artworks on display and you can relax in its refreshing atmosphere while you sip your coffee and peruse your books.










Eko Gym and Spa: With focus on the Spa component of Eko Gym and Spa, the experience will bring you a discovery of professional spa treatment. Whatever your need might be; whether to rejuvenate, detox or relax, Eko Gym and Spa is equipped to meet those needs. The spa services are tailored to revitalize and invigorate your body. An hour or a day spent in the spa might bring different levels of results but customers leave there feeling light and with no care in the world, regardless of how much time they spent.








Funtopia: Welcome to the world of children! Funtopia brings adults and children together into its exciting world to have fun. At Funtopia, there is something for everyone. There are fun sections for kids below the age of three; parents can also have fun with their children when they play the obstacle game and enjoy the arts and craft on display. Let all the ‘kids’ out for Funtopia!


Happy Holidays!










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