Top 10 Reasons Why Lagos Is Far Better Than Abuja

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Over the years, many Nigerians have debated whether Lagos is better than Abuja with remarks been tossed like grenades across both sides. Sometimes, we are caught in a web of fierce argument about the two cities. However, Abuja and Lagos are famous and great cities in the country.

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria has become an upmarket city, popularly known as the ‘London of Africa’; but Lagos is the one of the largest city in Africa that best combines the diversities, character, foibles and strengths of Nigeria. We have highlighted 10 reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja:

1. The cost of living


Have you ever wondered why almost everyone wants to be in Lagos instead of Abuja even though it is better developed and prettier? The reason is simple! Lagos is a city that is very affordable to live no matter your social status. It has become the home of everyone which means that you can comfortably live in Lagos with little compared to the luxury lifestyle in Abuja.

2. A city of dream where paupers become millionaires


Let us face it, when it comes to becoming a self-made millionaire in Nigeria, there is no better place to be than Lagos. This is where anyone can start from the scratch and become a millionaire overnight. Everyone in Lagos is a hustler; they are always busy working or doing something that will bring them money. Lagosians are taught to be ‘street-wise’ unlike Abuja, where almost everyone behaves like ‘Ajebutter’ (rich) kids. There are many celebrities and millionaires who came from slums in Lagos today.

3. Believe it or not, you can find an affordable apartment in Lagos


Yes, we know that the holy grail of Lagos expensive urban real estate is out there but this does not mean that everyone is living in luxury apartments that only wealthy people can afford. There are thousands of very affordable apartments if you are patient enough to find them. The rent in Lagos is not always as expensive as what Abuja would offer you.

4. Contagious lifestyle


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If you’ve ever lived in Lagos and Abuja, you would be quick to point out the boring social life that hovers around Abuja. The social life setting that you embrace in Lagos may never leave you. There are lots of necessary social behaviours in Lagos, like the small talks, fashion, communication and socialization that run deep in every fibre of Lagos. Lagos is where life begins socially and spread to other parts of Nigeria.

5. Tourism merges with adventure in Lagos


Lagos is always bursting with activities with its posh hotels, restaurants and places to explore. This city has become the face of tourism compared to Abuja. You can immerse yourself in deep cultures, surroundings and histories- from spiritual shrines, beaches, parks and many more. The tourism journey in Lagos always gives a worthy run for your money because the fun never ends. Little wonder, thousands of tourists visit Lagos to have a lifetime experience.

6. Cheap transportation


The transportation system in Lagos is far lower than that of Abuja. There are lots of transport alternatives like the BRT buses, Yellow buses, taxis cabs and tricycles for you in Lagos unlike Abuja where you can only get ‘London taxi’ and green-cabs, which are quite expensive and few. The high cost of ‘special drops’ can be discouraging and to compound your challenge in Abuja, trekking may be a Hercules task.

7. Home of entertainment – Nollywood

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It is only in Lagos that you see the highest number of celebrities and entertainers living in Nigeria. The city is vibrant with lots of social functions happening almost every day. Indeed, there is no dull moment in Lagos because it is a city where talents are born and grown. Lagos has earned its name not only as the music and movies birthplace, but where entertainment is done better than anywhere in Nigeria.

8. Social vibes – parties and nightlife

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Have you ever spent your weekend in Lagos? The vibe is felt in the air and the parties colourful, engaging, wild and sometimes crazy. There is no rule on how parties are going to be held, which means that you’ve got an array of choices for clubs, hookup spots, bars and hotels all waiting for you to join in the fun. People come to Lagos to celebrate their weekends because that is where the social activities make the difference.

9. Employment opportunities

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It is easier to get a job in Lagos unlike Abuja, where it is nearly impossible for one to get a job. With many international companies, small businesses and local investments in Lagos, there is always an employment opportunity. The metropolis has become a land of opportunity for thousands of Nigerians who come with nothing and end up very comfortable later.

10. Lagos has a sense of solidarity and love


Love is always in the air in Lagos unlike Abuja where everyone is like an island. Talk about solidarity and support for a clause, it all begins in Lagos. Sympathy is quickly shared and support is gotten fast because everyone minds everyone’s business. A visit to Abuja would convince you that you are definitely on your own with its peculiar way of life even among neighbours. Nigerians living in Abuja live the fake lifestyle due to the high standard of living.

The Verdict: Lagos or Abuja?

Do you agree that Lagos is better than Abuja? Share your views and opinions with us in the comment below:

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