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Top 10 Rules Of Taking A Perfect Selfie

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We like selfie genre as it is interesting to see how people see themselves, it’s nice to look at the different manifestations of human beauty and emotion. We decided to draw up a set of rules that will allow anyone to create a cool and winning selfie.

Someone thinks that selfie means narcissism, someone – a waste of time, but it’s hard to deny that this trend has become something like a new virtual ID in our world. The perfect selfie tips are really needed as the person usually expresses himself using it.

rules of perfect selfie

1. Do not make pictures from the bottom.

Most pictures look better if you hold the smartphone slightly above your eye level.

2. Show your best side.

Show your best side

Take a few test shots to determine which side of your face is more photogenic – left or right.

3. Watch your hands

cool selfie

Selfie should not look like a selfie: outstretched hand and fingers in the frame of the screen do not look nice.

4. Do not take photos of your reflection in the mirror with a flash

selfie with a flash

These photos always look bad: glare from the flash spoils the whole photo.

5. Stand on the light

Stand on the light

The perfect selfie light must be in front of you and gently covers your face. The sharp light, as the darkness, does not make anyone look well. But ambient light is a sure way to avoid unwanted shadows in the photo, sudden wrinkles and dull bags under the eyes.

Personal experience:

Choose a smartphone with a good camera to make the best pictures. They may even be made in low light and moving. No wonder Nokia, for example, in their latest models relies precisely on this feature. The powerful camera has become very important criterion when choosing a smartphone because the camera phone is light, convenient and always there when you need to capture something unplanned.

6. Filters

filters and mobile applications

Use filters and mobile applications, there is now a huge choice now, there is even a feature, using which you can make the face look thinner! You can find any perfect selfie app in the web.

7. Do not pose making selfie

Do not pose making selfie

The perfect selfie poses must be the only natural. Let the camera work on you. Being natural is very important for a successful selfie, of course, but to do this when you shoot yourself is not so simple. For example, one can imagine that she communicates with a pleasant man. Another way is a continuous shutter mode: it is a good chance that at least one image will look natural.

Personal experience: Always learn new features in gadgets with interest – for example, NokiaSmartCam application is able to do a few shots in a row, from which it is easy to choose the one where you look the way you want.

8. Capture the desired angle

Capture the desired angle

The ideal angle for shooting should be determined empirically. Remember that three-quarters of a turn, rather than the front will make you look irresistible!

9. Make sure you are in a leading role

nice selfie

The background is also very important for the beautiful selfie. Dirty dishes and gloomy faces of bystanders behind your back cut 90% of your success.

Personal experience: this problem simply does not exist in some of the today’s smartphones: the extra things on your photo can be simply erased with your finger.

10. Do not make a duckface!

make a duckface

If only for the purpose to fool around… Although we personally recommend just to have a positive open smile!

If you want to create a perfect selfie use our tips and impress your friends!

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