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Top 10 Most Stylish Nigerian Celebs

Genevieve Nnaji

For celebs in general, Instagram has not only become a medium to share photos of their daily life but a way to show off their personal style. So please believe that when it comes to the creme de la creme of Naija’s entertainment industry, they are showing us more than enough STYLE to work with and admire! So with that said, let’s get into the MOST STYLISH CELEBRITIES IN NIGERIA!




First up we have radio personality, Toke Makinwa! With her dark long locks, flawless makeup and demure style she reminds me of a life size Barbie doll. Or rather the more exotic version of Barbie. Every time she steps out on the red carpet or snaps a random photo on Instagram you can tell she’s all about being a LADY. Even when she does something edgy with her look it still exudes femininity.



Please believe I had to add the one and only Alex Ekubo. Take a look at that photo first and tell me his style is not on point. Apart from being a very handsome man, he knows how to wear a suit and tie. You can tell he likes to look sharp and clean. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look undone. He is always put together… and although he’s dressed in all black in the photo above, he knows how to incorporate bold colors into his wardrobe which can never hurt.



Another no-brainer was the incomparable Genevieve Nnaji. It seems like the older she gets the finer she gets and along with her looks her style becomes more and more classic. She can wear the hell out of a dress and make you want to buy it right off the rack and if possible wear it off her back. There’s something sexy yet subtle about the way she dresses. It doesn’t overpower you but creeps up on you but in a good way.




Next up we have Mr Uti Nwachukwu! The only man that can rock this style of dreads! When I first saw Uti at the NEAwards last September with his plaid suit, I was like… wahala deeeey! Like who else could pull that kind of suit of, if not him? All I know is that he follows his own trends not what fashion dictates! Ultimately that is why is he on this list!



Now Rita Dominic, gets a standing ovation from me. She has really grown into her own woman style wise! I’ve been noticing all these vintage inspired outfits and dresses she’s been rocking to events and on red carpets. Recently she wore a huge hat, baby blue blazer, white collared shirt and trousers to Tuface’s wedding and I absolutely loved it. She’s been trying new things when it comes to her coordinating a look and I must say that I am impressed. Levels have most certainly changed honey!




When it comes to colors, Ebuka, knows how to mix and match them! Adding color to a man’s wardrobe can be tricky for most but I guess he falls under another category. I personally think the color blue looks great on him! Gentleman: take note… no offense. ;)




Kate Henshaw is in same class as Genevieve when it comes to the kinds of clothing they would go for but Kate’s athelic build just allows any dress to look great on her and fit like a glove. I also love that she sports her natural hair at times …when you have to let your hair just breathe y’know! ;)


D'Banj in London


Aside from the exposed D&G briefs and Jesus piece in this photos… oh and the bare chest, D’Banj does have a style all his own. Yes men were wearing suits in Naija before he came around but in a sea of artists rocking the latest kicks,  T-Shirts, tailored jeans, D’Banj made it sexy and appealing to wear suits as an entertainer in Naija.



Tiwa is a fashionista through and though. She not only wears dresses and outfits that look great on her. She adds accessories to the mix and in a bold way! Check out the gold cuffs on her wrist and gold plated necklace she’s wearing in the photo above. These are the little additions that can take an outfit from nice to a show stopper and Tiwa does that perfectly.



Burna Boy! Burna Boy! Burna Boy! This guy’s style just makes me think of Puffy aka P. Diddy back in the days when he was rolling with Biggie sans the sleeveless shirts and tattoos of course. Maybe its the shades, I don’t know but I get that vibe from him. I love the way he dressing down and how he dresses it up, he never seems to have a care as to what others around may say or think. Some may call that cockiness, I call it confidence. That’s something you need to have if you’re going to walking around with leopard printed sleeveless top and dark shades.

Well, these are my top ten! You may not agree so go ahead and tell me who you think should have made this list!

Credit: Jaguda


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