Top 10 Tech Companies In Nigeria

Technology, no doubt, is the driving force behind every industrialized nation of the world. Countries with good technological infrastructure are generally progressive and export driven. Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is a hotbed for thriving technology companies, thanks to the rising profile of the country’s middle class, which is the largest in Africa. Currently, these are the Top 10 tech companies making the rounds in Nigeria.

1. MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria.jpg

MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN group, a South African domiciled multinational company whose subsidiaries cuts across the length and breadth of Africa. MTN Nigeria commenced operations in 2001 after securing its GSM license from the NCC. Their primary services include the provision of GSM, data, international roaming and mobile phone retail services. The major advantage going for MTN is its extended network coverage, which is the best amongst the telecoms operators in the country. MTN Nigeria is headquartered at Golden plaza Ikoyi, Lagos and its website is

2. Globalcom Nigeria


Globalcom Limited is a Nigerian owned telecommunication company, in fact, one of the pioneering telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Glo Nigeria ltd, whose primary services involve the provision of data and telephony services is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria and has operations in Ghana, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire. GLO one submarine cable provides ultrafast internet connections to Nigeria as well as West Africa. To learn more about GLO Nigeria, visit

3. Etisalat Nigeria


Etisalat is a multinational company domiciled in the UAE but with operations spread across the middle-east and Africa. Its Nigerian operations commenced in 2008 and its major operations involve the provision of GSM, data, and international roaming services to its customers. Its Nigerian head office is situated at Eti Osa, Lagos. Its major strength is in its vast array of internet broadband services. You can learn more about them by visiting

4. Airtel Nigeria


Airtel, just like the aforementioned companies, is an Indian domiciled telecommunication company. Its Nigeria operations commenced 2010 after taking over ownership from Zain. The network has greatly improved under its new leadership and provides high-quality, telephony and data services to customers. Headquartered in Ikoyi Lagos, Airtel Nigeria has one of the largest and most dedicated mobile internet subscriber bases. You can learn more about Airtel Nigeria by visiting

5. Google

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Google is currently the world’s largest and most respected search engine giant. The American based, Multinational search engine giant has operations that cut across several countries of the world. Some of their services include cloud computing, online advertising, online search, and software. Google Nigeria is headquartered at Rewane, Ikoyi, Lagos and you can access their website via

6. Ericsson Nigeria


Ericsson is a Swedish based Multinational company, whose operation cuts across the various continents of the world. It’s well respected globally and provides a range of services, some of which include software, telecommunication, mobile, fixed broadband, operations, business support, video systems, cable TV and a host of other services. Ericson Nigeria is located at Carrington Cresent, Victoria Island Lagos. Ericsson Nigeria can easily be reached via its website

7. InterSwitch Limited


InterSwitch Limited is an indigenous company founded in 2002. This tech company is an integrated payment and transaction processing company, whose services involve the provision advisory services, technology integration, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to banks, government, and corporate bodies. Interswitch is located at Oke Awo close, Victoria, island, Lagos. You can reach Interswtich via its

8. IBM Nigeria

International Business Machines, commonly referred to as IBM, is an American-based multinational company with subsidiaries scattered across the major economic hub around the world. IBM manufactures and promotes computer software, middleware, and hardware. In addition, they offer other services such as cloud computing, hosting and consulting services. IBM Nigeria is situated at Karimu Ikotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. IBM can easily be contacted via its website:

9. MainOne


The MainOne Company was founded in 2010, and it’s an indigenous communication service provider of wholesale internet services to telecom operators, ISPs, government agencies, educational institutions and large enterprises. The Main One Cable is a submarine cable that stretches from Portugal to South Africa, with landings in Lagos and Accra. This fiber optic, submarine cable acts as a gateway, connecting these countries with the rest of the world by providing superfast internet link. MainOne’s head office is located at Ligali Ayorinde str. VI, Lagos. You can contact the MainOne Company via its official website:

10. Dataflex

Dataflex is one of the oldest indigenous ICT companies in Nigeria, with years of operation spanning over two decades. Initially, Dataflex started its business by supplying computer and other related technology products to customers. Currently, they have upped the ante by providing enterprise services to Large and mid-range organizations. They have a vast array of global partners some of which include: Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, EMC and many more. Dataflex’s head office is located at Murin Okunola Street, Victoria Island and its official website is

Technology companies in Nigeria, no doubt, have blossomed in recent times, thanks to the availability of a ready market. Africa’s largest economy provides lots of patronages, which is an absolute necessity for these tech companies to thrive. Nigerians are now embracing technological products and services on a massive scale. We can only make progress when we start producing our own tech equipment instead of relying on imports. Until we achieve self-sustenance in production, we should forget about joining the league of industrialized nations in the nearest future.


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