Top 15 Signs That Lady Has A Crush On You


When you have a crush on someone, you notice every single detail about them, no matter how small, and when they do something or you, you feel so touched, no matter how simple it was.Having a crush on someone and being afraid to make a move can be so tough. We have all been there before

But now howng got 15 signs to look for before you make the wrong move.

1. The conversation is so damn good that she let her drink go flat. You know what that means? You’re not boring after all and she didn’t need a drink to stand you.

Glass Not Empty

2. The lingering look in her eye must stay during the whole time you are in contact with her. If she lets it go like Rose in Titanic, then your dreams of being an item has sunk.

Don’t Let Go Rose

3. They may be posing around you in order to check you out. Be aware of it.

The Fake Action Move

4. The crush is so hard that you will risk anything just to spend a second with them. If she does this, she likes you.

 Risking Being Late
5. You look at her and she freezes in time. She is interested, dude!

Love At First Sight Myth
6. If you are lucky enough to even touch a girl the first time you hang out with her then that means that she is crushing for you too.

 10 – How Close Is Too Close
7. So you are making hearts in the sand; going out on random day trips with the girl and she always instigates the activity. Wake up and smell the crush.
9 – Doing ‘Couple Things’ During The ‘Just Friends’ Stage
8. Once she feels comfortable around she will maybe give you a sign that she is into you by wrapping her hands around your arm while you’re walking.

The Arm Grab Move

9. If she is always following you and not in a stalker-ish way then she likes you. She would avoid you if she didn’t.

Your New Shadow

10. When a girl laughs at your jokes, even at the stupid one you just said; it means that she is interested in you as much as you are into her.

Laughing Means A Good Thing
11. A girl will most likely do two things when flirting with a guy and the guy teases her. She will either laugh along and graze your arm. Pay attention.

The Graze

12. Girls looking at your lips when you talk are ogling for you to shut up and kiss them. Then again you can have something in your teeth.

Juicy Lips…Up Here Boy

13. When a girl you like passes by you, turn to see if she looks back and smiles. Did she? If she did it means two things: 1. She’s interested. 2. She dropped something.

Walk By And Turn Move

14. Who, What, Where, When, Why…

Who, What, Where, When, Why…

Constant conversation is great. If she is asking questions about you then that means she wants to know more about you.

15. Steadying eye contact while talking is a huge sign because it means she is interested.I’m Looking At You



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