Top 4 Healthy Benefits Of Saliva

Saliva is mostly produced by three major glands are the parotid gland, the gland sub-lingual and sub-mandibular gland. Saliva is the known fluid produced from the human mouth. In the oral cavity, saliva acts to keep the body from various diseases (a first line of defense in the gastrointestinal system).

Saliva represents important role in our digestive system, it consists of 99% water other ingredients include enzymes, electrolytes, mucus, potassium, bicarbonate and sodium. All these elements help in the process of digesting food. To maintain the health of our body, we need to drink enough water during the day. If your body is dehydrated, salivary glands won’t be able to produce enough saliva end you will have trouble with digesting food.

Many know about saliva, but some of them also do not know that saliva has good benefits for health. Although you own saliva has many benefits, that doesn’t mean that you should swallow your partner’s saliva. Any viruses or bacteria in your partner’s mouth can easily transfer into your body.

Here are top 4 benefits of saliva

Prevent Damage to Teeth: Saliva contains polin, which is a protein that serves to protect tooth enamel. Saliva also contains minerals that help the tooth remineralization process. Production of saliva in the mouth, we can also help clean the dirt in between our teeth.

Maintain Cleanliness of Mouth: Saliva also contains antibacterial substances that can prevent bacteria in our mouths. In addition, saliva or saliva also contains antibodies and antimicrobial compounds. Even saliva can also be deadly HIV virus.

Disease Diagnosis: Saliva is currently being used in the diagnosis of certain diseases conditions. Some diseases which previously could only be diagnosed using blood samples can now be detected in saliva.

Accelerate Wound Healing: Wound on the inner cheek and gums heal faster than in the outer shell. This occurs because of the presence of protein in saliva that helps form new blood vessels. It is also the cause why animals often lick his wounds.


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Written by Damilola Odunsi


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